Tari Tari - 08

I don't know if I should regret not watching this earlier or not since there are things I liked and disliked in this episode.

First let me go through what I like in here. As I have said in my last post, I really like Sawa's story. It's not that I can relate to her but I was really moved because of her inability to pursue what she wants to do. It's funny how she blames her height as one of the reasons why she can't enter the riding academy. But the part that I like most in here is when Sawa heard her father fighting for her with regards to the academy's requirements and how Sawa is more than qualified when it comes to her interaction and experience with horse. I seriously almost tear up in there.

Other than that, another scene that I really liked in this episode was when they all sang for Sawa :D Their individual songs were pretty good most especially Wakana's and Wien's. It really shows off their character. And practically hearing Wien sing reminded me of Ittoki Otoya from UtaPri who was voiced by Terashima Takuma. That new seiyu Hanae Natsuki has now caught my attention. I'm definitely going to look forward to future roles of this guy :3

Now I'd like to go through the choir club's audition. I guess this has got to be one of the things I dislike in this episode. I mean I never even saw them practice seriously and their audition is almost on the spot. And of course, we're expecting them to get a slot for the school festival. How is that even possible? It's because they are the main character. Tsss… Moreover, they only seriously cared for Sawa because they need her in the audition. Well okay, it was mostly Konatsu there but I guess this is just me complaining and getting annoyed.

The other thing that I disliked in this episode (or probably in TARI TARI in general) is how Konatsu (and the other girls) is always pushing away the guys - Taichi and Wien. In this episode, when they all decided to practice at Wakana's place and find out that her room is too small to fit 5 people, Konatsu said that the guys would stay outside. I was like, WTF? Of course this isn't the first time (and definitely won't be the last time) she did this to the two of them. I don't even want to enumerate everything but as of this episode, I'm just getting annoyed with it. 

I know I decided to do this as a double episode with episode 9 but ended up not doing so. Anyway, as of this episode, TARI TARI had me confuse at whether liking it or not. It definitely isn't a show that captures me that much. The dramas were so-so and the comedy (or should I even consider it comedy?) wasn't so much funny at all. TARI TARI's focus on the female characters had me disappointed in the series and the girls way of interacting with the boys weren't really so fun at all...
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