Sword Art Online - 04

Sword Art Online seems to neglect the explanation or show how Kirito gets strong. If we ask about that, the number one answer has got to be because he's a 'beater'. End of story. I guess it's either A-1 Pictures think that it isn't so interesting to show Kirito fight monsters and other more boss over and over because that will be boring; or the author himself thinks it'll be boring. Either way, I'm not really complaining.

So this episode has introduced us to Silica (Hidaka Rina) who's considered as an idol and is also a 'beast tamer' - someone who raises pets. Her appearance has definitely made this episode very fun to watch. The number one reason for that is that she actually likes Kirito. She's really cute when she's blushing over Kirito :3 Anyway, as someone who isn't really that strong, her pet - Pina, died from protecting her thus Kirito comes in to the scene. Kirito is like her savior from that near death experience.

Now, helping Silica revive Pina became Kirito's reason for sticking up with her. Kirito's real intentions was pretty surprising - using Silica to capture Rosalia. I'm surprised at how heroic and helpful Kirito can actually be but I guess this really is just Kirito. Being a solo player is practically his style and I guess we'll just see more of that on the following episodes.

Finally, with all those time-skip, I was seriously surprised at how strong Kirito already is since we're just in episode 4. I mean last time we know he was episode 40+ then this episode he's already 70+. Just how much stuff did we all miss? O.O In addition, he's already at the 50th floor. Moreover, his abilities are just amazing. 7 people teaming up against him doesn't have a chance of even damaging his HP in half - that's just how amazing and strong he got. AND on a final note, I already want to see him team up with Asuna again!! D:

In an overall look on this episode, I'd say that it's okay although I'm not entirely so awed by this series as much as I am at the first episode. It seemed a more typical to me now. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing Kirito's growing harem to be a party next time :3
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