Nisekoi 37: Greetings

So we finally meet Mari's father and it turned out a lot better than I expected. AND for some reasons when I saw him, I immediately thought of J-son sensei from SKET Dance. LOL.

The battle for Raku between Chitoge and Mari is just so cute that I'll never get enough of it. Mari's attempt to be lady-like gives her the advantage of making fun of Chitoge because she barely acts as one. The funniest thing about their battle is the idea that Raku barely turns down an invitation by Mari probably because of what Raku's dad said back then. I think it was something like Mari's dad being more influential (or something like it) than Chitoge's. Also, I find it funny that Raku actually noticed that Chitoge's 'getting better in acting'. Raku's practically one of those super dense guy out there but I guess he's not really expecting any of the girls around to him to actually like him.

Now I'd like to go through Mari's father and Raku. As I've mentioned before, I got that J-son sensei impression from Mari's father. He looks seriously scary with that scar on his left eye and the way he looks and those thick eyebrows. LOL. But I guess for the sake of making things seemingly 'unpredictable', Mari's father was pretty nice (and funny) as she had been saying. His reactions to whenever Raku mentions his 'girlfriend' has got to be totally epic but that serious face of his when he and Raku were finally alone really does show how nice of a father he really is. He's doesn't seem to push Raku so much on Mari and he's a pretty open minded person(:

~on a final note, Raku really knows how to make a girl blush :3 
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