Kokoro Connect - 07

I like how this episode actually showed the funny sides as well as the problems of this unleashing of desires.

There are a couple of things that I would like to talk about in this episode. First off, I'd like to go through the unleashing of desires. Other than that, I'll also quickly talk about the emotional effect of this scheme to the group as well as their way of preventing their unconscious action.

Now let me start with going through their problem with regards to their interaction with other people. Honestly speaking, I laughed when Taichi said that his desire to sleep happened. His sister panicking with what happened is a pretty typical reaction. And for some reasons, I remember myself in here 'cause when I was a kid, I was like physically asleep but mentally awake and my mom was so scared O.O Anyway, I believe that the dangerous or negative part of this scheme is when other people gets involved. Of course they won't always be in life threatening dangerous kind of things. It's more like  mental-kind of problem which is what happened to Nagase when their classmates kept on bugging her about the whereabouts of Yui. The scary part in here is gaining consciousness at the middle of the problem.

The other thing that I would like to discuss is the internal argument that's going on within their group because of their inability to control their emotion and words. The moment that Inaba just brought out all her thoughts in a pissed off tone to Yui made her more conscious and scared of this scheme. Their inability to control their words and actions when their emotions win over them is a scary thought.

Other than the social problems that this scheme is opening, the biggest thing that they are encountering in her is the emotional and mental effect of this. The idea that they can never stay at home or isolate themselves because it defeats the purpose of Heartseed's experiment. Inaba did reminded everyone that when they bore the hell out of Heartseed, he might try something dangerous again like what happened to Nagase.

In an overall look on Kokoro Connect as of this episode, I'd say that everything is just pretty fine. It's still as interesting as it was right from the very first episode and it makes me wonder how this series will wrap up but I guess thinking about it is still to early since I believe that this will be a 17-episode series(:
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