Sword Art Online - 06

The 'murder case' isn't so much of a murder mystery after all. Despite the unexpected turn of events, I wasn't really impressed or anything. This whole supposedly exciting mystery turned out to be some love-related-issue that I don't even want to go there.

What I would like to go through first is how this fake murder happened. It made most of us think so hard as to how a player can be killed inside a safe zone other than the one showed in the previous episode. Honestly speaking, I was looking forward to this episode mainly because of my curiosity of knowing how Kains and Yoruko were supposedly killed or murdered. I'd say that it turned out pretty interesting and it probably took some time planning all of these things out. Although a funny loop hole in their plan goes like: what if no one actually cares about the incident, will they still be able to carry all these things out? Either way there's no point thinking about it since it's all over now. And how Sword Art Online did it this time around was pretty interesting. I'd say that adding some kind of mystery to this adventure-type anime was a good move.

Now going to Kirito and Asuna's side of the story, I like how Kirito actually discovered how the 'murder' was made through the unconscious side help of Asuna. Probably most viewers never really thought of that because the idea wasn't yet introduced (or it was and I just missed/forgot it?) until this incident. I'd say that it's pretty good that as of this episode, we're still being introduced to the world of Sword Art Online through these side stories. It's like hitting two birds in one stone - we get character developments and further explanation of the word itself.

I don't want to go deeper on this episode and discuss all the other scenes since that'll be boring and all. I'll wrap this post up and say that Sword Art Online is still a pretty decent show. Not really outstanding as I expect it to be. As an A-1 Pictures anime, I'd say that the art and animation is still as outstanding as ever compared to their other series that I've seen but the flow of the story or how this light novel is presented isn't really that outstanding for me. Although I'm looking forward to this series getting since these past episodes had been considered as side stories. I hope that the next episode would be more exciting(:
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