Bakuman - Chapter 170: Celebrity and Popularity

A new arc finally begins and it still focuses on Miho's chances of getting the role of Naho. Now the question rises again, will Miho get the role?

Mashiro's everyday life has changed [for this day, that is].
After last chapter's talk with Miho via Azukyun's Radioshow, it's not even a bit surprising for it to be on the news the next day. What's funny is Mashiro's mother's sudden reaction or comment regarding their reaction. Oh! And take note, this practically is the first time Mashiro's mother gave her opinion regarding their relationship :3 Proves that a mother and a son doesn't really have that kind of relationship (if you know what I mean).

Other than Mashiro's mother, it was funny how surprise he was when a couple of junior high students approached him asking for his autograph. This practically shows how popular  Ashirogi Mutou has gotten, rather Mashiro, himself, has gotten.

Hattori-san is also rooting for Mashiro x Miho.
It's no secret that Hattori's rooting for Mashiro and Miho. He has always been encouraging Ashirogi Mutou despite all the struggles they encounter during the Mashiro x Miho Issue Arc but I guess it's just part of Hattori's job as well being their editor since he can never let the Ashirogi-duo to go down at this time of their career when they're finally reaching their peek BUT knowing Hattori, he definitely is rooting for them. I mean we all know how much he has been attached to Ashirogi Mutou ever since the first day they showed him their very first manuscript.

Public Auditions + Online Votes.
Honestly speaking, I don't see the problem with public auditions. At the beginning of the chapter, we were informed that Miho's part of the top female V.A. but not yet the number one. With the public auditions going (with the top V.A. being informed of how great an opportunity this is to voice of another popular JUMP series), I already expect more V.A.s will be introduce. I'm interested in getting to know more female characters along with their different characteristics since I do believe that Ohba-sensei has improved so much in terms of portraying female characters. 

Yes, as I have mentioned, the public audition is to be expected but the main issue that made Mashiro panic a little (or not little at all) is the director's decision of giving the choice to the public. Meaning, the public gets to vote whom they want to voice Naho without any interference from the staff. The director himself believes that Miho fits the role well that's why he decided to do this. By doing this, Miho still has good chances of getting the role but in a more transparent way since it's also Mashiro's fear for the public to believe that Miho got the role due to her connections.

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