vistlip - 9th Single is on the way

Good news comes to those who wait :)

vistlip is a Japanese visual kei band, formed in Tokyo, Japan on July 7th 2007. vistlip has 5 members, (Tomo) on vocals, Yuh and (Umi) on guitars, 瑠伊 (Rui) on bass and Tohya on drums. vistlip is signed to Marvelous Entertainment Inc..

I wasn't really surprise by the news that vistlip will release an album by July - since they were formed on July - but I was still excited once I read the news. Even though their 8th Single, Recipe, is yet to be release on April 11 they already announced this. The title is yet to be announced but the release date is set on July 4. Reminds me of Hameln :3

Yeah, instead of posting the PV for Hamlen, I decided to post this. vistlip's one man tour - REVELATION SPACE - singing Hameln. vistlip's going 5yrs! XD This video's really good and I really love how Hameln starts with Tohya's (my fave drummer next to Alice Nine's Nao) drums :D && I LOL-ed at Tomo's nail polish (red??) :)))

ANYWAY, Since nothing much have been given yet about the upcoming single, I'll just post updates every now and then.

vistlip official website: click here.
vistlip on click here.
Recipe on cdjapan: vister | lipper | regular
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