Another - Episode 11: Makeup

This episode sure turned out a lot better than I was expecting it to be. With one episode to go, it looks like Mei will finally tell us who the heck is the extra student in their class.

The moment one of their classmates had an asthma attack during dinner last episode, I already knew that this trip is not going to be anything nice. In fact, I predicted that the many students will die in the mansion. This episode became a mixture of suspense, action (???) and mystery. It gave a couple of new questions that I've been itching to know the answer because it all just came so sudden.

i guess the most silent people really ARE the ones you should always look out for.

Truth be told, this episode didn't gave much substance. It opened with Izumi and Sugiura Takako (Fukuen Misato) talking about Mei's past but who knew? Takako could most likely be talking about the other Misaki, Fujioka Misaki, Mei's twin sister which no one other than Sakakibara only knows. Actually Mei somehow causes a lot of misunderstanding it's not good anymore. Next thing we know, she could just die because of misunderstanding.

Mei's up for a survival.

we're safe.
Like I said, this episode did lack substance which can be a downside for many people who'd rather watch some story-driven anime. But what made this episode really interesting for me is the many deaths that occur in just a short amount of time. Moreover, the psychological drive of killing Mei actually made this episode really entertaining. I'm a huge fan of gore movies and Another can most likely be an anime counter part for all those movies I've watched. It didn't disappoint me one bit (not like Deadman Wonderland). If I had to cite one of the scenes that really freaked me out, it has got to be the one when Mochizuki and Teshigawara were running away from the creepy old inn-lady. The man on the fire exit is 100% questionable and creepy in any way I look at it.

no you're not! >:]

Anyway, with how this episode ended, I would like to know how this series will actually end. Chibiki's gone out and probably won't be back until the action's all done, a number of students have already died, Izumi has seen Mei in front of the dead Takako and accused her, Kazami has been missing ever since Mochizuki last seen him and it looks like Mei's finally going to put an end to all of this. Hopefully this will wrap up well and make an anime worth adding to my fave list.

for more screenshots, click this.

Episode 12 Preview:

did Mei finally killed the 'another'?
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