Bakuman - Chapter 172: Miho and Naho

I guess Bakuman really is about achieving one's dream through hard work. After reading this chapter, I really have no idea what to feel about it. Should I be glad? Sad? Angry? OR what?

The feel a seiyuu gives in a character.
Of course there's no way I can hear Miho while she was saying her lines in the audition but seeing how each panel is made and how Miho is drawn, Obata-sensei really have done a great job in drawing this chapter. In Miho's part of the story, I really love the 2-page spread part of the manga that focused on Miho as she was saying her lines.

Miho will NOT make a mistake in an Ashirogo piece.
Honestly speaking, I thought that she did made a mistake and it'll cause her downfall on this audition. Moreover, I thought that when the director announced that Miho was right and he said sorry for the typo in the script, the fans will go wild and fight over that Miho actually has the favor of the director for being Ashirogi's girlfriend and all but I guess I was wrong. But one of the V.A. that auditioned actually raised by speculation but she was instantly silenced by Goda-san.

AND the role for Minadori Naho goes to…
The second 2-page spread really is well made in here. Showing the votes and how it was paneled was great. Moreover, the look on Mashiro's face is good as well as Miho's surprised face. I was really laughing at Mashiro's initial reaction, his face-all tensed up and want to freaked out then he just crashed. LOL. Actually , I honestly wasn't happy for Miho in this chapter, rather I was happy for Mashiro. Yeah, only for Mashiro because all this time it was only Mashiro and Takagi that we always see working hard. I was really happy to see him become really happy that after all this years, his dream… or rather their dream has finally come true. Truth be told I was teary while reading the last part.

Now what'll happen next?
I'm pretty sure Mashiro and Miho will get married and they'll live happily ever after. THE END? I don't think so. Remember how the new editor-in-chief has set-up Reversi's anime in order to power up Nizuma as well as to make Weekly Shounen JUMP an even better magazine (or something like that)? I guess Bakuman will not just end yet even after it has achieved its main goal. I mean its ranking are pretty good and the past couple of arcs are really good as well. As of this part of the manga, rather the beginning of the next arc, will be a test for me if Bakuman will be good enough in proceeding even after it had fulfilled its main goal. It makes me feel like it's a transition period similar to Death Note.

Anyway, I just can't wait to read the next chapter and see how the story will proceed(:


  1. I think their marriage will be put on hold for a while. It's going to be tough for a celebrity like Miho and in the height of her popularity to just get hitched all of a sudden. After winning this public audition, she's about to get more popular. Who knows how complicated having a relationship with an extremely popular celebrity could be?!

    1. hmmm... that's a pretty good way to think about it, i never actually thought about it probably because i already want an entirely different arc to begin. preferably Nizuma-related. xD

      now the more i want to read the next chapter.


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