Nisekoi - Chapter 16: Duel

This chapter is a real shocker!!! O.O

Raku sure have done it.

Raku sure talks on impulse. He talks without even thinking and prior to his knowledge, he could already be liking Chitoge for what we all know. AND from his careless talking, he further angers Tsugumi and triggered a duel. AND I thought that the duel will be some kind of piece of joke but it was a hell one-sided duel by Tsugumi. Ha! The best of luck for Raku, yes?

oh, so Raku understand Chitoge :3

Again with the 10years?
Okay. For what we all know, Raku made a promise with Onodera 10 years ago through the locket and key that they both have. A couple of chapters back, Chitoge said something about promising some 10years ago and the chapter after that, Claude said that he promised Chitoge something 10years ago. Now, Tsugumi wants to take part of the promising idea by saying that he promised Chitoge 10years ago that he'll protect her? Now that's just confusing. O.O So who did Chitoge gave a promised to? OR did she promised to both Claude and Tsugumi?

Tsugumi wa otoko janai!
AND I seriously thought that Tsugumi's a guy. I was heck surprise to know that Tsugumi is actually a she. Now Nisekoi just turned into Raku's very own harem. OR will Tsugumi remain as a guy at heart? I wonder about that.

Also, I would like to know if Chitoge actually knows that Tsugumi is actually a girl.
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