Bakuman - Chapter 169: Voices and Responses

So the conclusion for Mashiro and Miho's issue has finally ended and it definitely is a heartwarming chapter.

Miho's Confession + Bashing Phone Calls.
Miho sure is brave and I have to commend her for that. Openly admitting that she's dating Mashiro's is certainly a good thing and the better decision which is shown at the end of the chapter. The first phone call sure is trolling Miho. Adding some faking effect to be able to broadcast her stupid opinion which I don't really want to hear. The second caller, on the other hand, sure was interesting and sure loves the rumors. "Are you a virgin?" WTF? But it wasn't entirely surprising that Miho calmly answered since she's just being her.

Miho's definitely admirable.
Like I mentioned earlier, I commend Miho for being so brave in facing her angry fans. She didn't break even after that 1st caller just told her right off the bat that she's a bitch. I guess things like that do happen to idols when they get burned with stupid rumors. Other than being brave, I really liked Miho's calmness in facing everything most especially when the 2nd caller ask her if she's virgin. I mean for crying out loud, of all questions, why that? Moreover, I liked her while she tells her story to the 2nd caller. She's happy and all while thinking about the times she has seen Mashiro :3

Yes, I always do mention that I'm not a fan of Miho but this arc has brought me to her side because of how good the story has been told, it has moved me and made me really like her. Ohba-sensei sure have improved in terms of his heroine's character.

The third caller sure have the guts.
It was really cute for Mashiro to came to Miho's rescue to back her up from all the bashful fans and tell his side of the rumor.Moreover, he just shouted over the at the radio how much he has been believing in Miho's talent which I'm pretty sure something Miho really wants to hear. AND everyone's faces when they know Mashiro's the 3rd caller sure is epic.

The Result.
The manager sure was panicking and it was hell funny when the result turned out really great. Looks like things are still going pretty well. Will Miho be able to get the role? I don't know. The truth right now is that I would like to see Mashiro's face when Miho gets the role but I sure don't want to see Bakuman end. Plus, I believe that the real battle between Ashirogi and Niizuma has only begun. I wonder what'll happen next. 

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