vistlip - Updates on Upcoming Single: Recipe

The moment I checked their website, I was really happy to see the new look. Though actually, it was funny at the same time since nothing's really new about their look. Also, more details are finally given about the new single(:

For those who have read my post about their 8th Single, Recipe. Finally, here's the update!

vistlip's new look!

regular edition.
I hate the fact that vistlip gives so much hype to their upcoming single by revealing it early. Again, the new single will come out on April 11, 2012. It will come in 3 editions (as usual): the regular, the vister and the lipper. Each of them has their won distinction. Particularly the regular edition will contain all three new songs. The vister, on the other hand, will contain Recipe + another song together with the music video and the making of the video. It's like the normal CD + DVD Limited edition we see but vistlip just calls it differently :D AND finally the lipper will have the 3 songs, the two songs that'll be included in all CDs and the 3rd song being their so-called self cover song and will also include two instrumentals(:

Further more, for those who'd like to listen to the new song, Recipe. A preview is available at the official website. Click here.

vister [CD+DVD]
  1. Recipe
  2. Einstein
  1. Recipe (music video)
  2. Recipe (making)

lipper [CD+Booklet]
  1. Recipe
  2. Einstein
  3. the surface[Re:birth]
  4. Recipe (inst)
  5. Einstein (inst)

  1. Recipe
  2. Einstein
  3. トロイ

Now that the new look has finally been revealed as well as the tracklist and the cover of the single. All we need now is the preview of the PV and we'll all be fully hype for this! :D

vistlip official website: click here.
vistlip on click here.
Recipe on cdjapan: vister | lipper | regular

Update on their Upcoming Single: click here. 
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