Nisekoi - Chapter 27: Detour

After that really cute Raku x Tsugumi chapter last time, we're finally back to that Raku x Onodera pairing. For all those who likes the Raku x Onodera pairing, this chapter probably just made you all happy :D I know I was BUT… I don't know… LOL.

The first thing I'd like to talk about in this chapter is Onodera's realization that Raku and Chitoge are finally calling each other by their first names. Remember how a couple of chapters back that Chitoge asked Raku to each other by their first name. I was really happy at that time :D Onodera, on the other hand, tried calling Raku by his first name and… well… confessions are confessions and this chapter was just weeeeeeeeee!!! moment for me. I was so happy. BUT calling Raku by his first name - Raku-kun <- sounds weird. LOL.

ANYWAY Ruri-chan sure knows how to bring Raku and Onodera together. That's probably the number one thing I like about her :D THAT 'date' wasn't really the most exciting one but when Onodera finally brought Raku to her secret place :"3 things just finally fall into place. Raku was pretty funny that when he's about to ask Onodera her birthday, he asked her if she's the promised girl instead. XD That moment was EPIC! AND Onodera just simply answered yes. YES? SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Now I can't wait for the next chapter.

The next chapter should be really interesting. It's Chitoge's birthday and is Onodera really is Raku's promised girl? If so, who's the guy that Chitoge promised to 10yrs ago? If it's not Raku, I want to meet that guy :3
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