The decision to watch ZETMAN is definitely decided on a whim because of that one seiyuu that I've always been looking forward to. I guess I should admit that by this episode, ZETMAN just crossed the line of being an uninteresting anime. Of course I'm going to see this series until the end since it's my policy to avoid dropping shows. Although not everything about this show turns me off.

As I have said last time, ZETMAN has reached its climax and I seriously thought that things will start getting better. I have no idea what the manga has been up to but the anime is definitely starting to go down the drain. All those taking over the humans and stuff is a pretty typical idea AND I sure am waiting for Jin's relation to this big master plan of Haitani. From what episode 9 has shown, I'm betting it's about the completion of the clones which will greatly help in taking over humanity.

Boring stuffs aside, the romance part of the story has gotten another step to its annoyingness. Okay. I'm really going to apologize for those Hanako fans and those who're greatly enjoying the romance of this anime but I'm really getting tired of it that I ended up wishing for Jin to just focus on other things such as teaming up with the troubled Kouga once more. Speaking of Kouga, this 2nd test done by Jirou just went overboard. Looks like this test is ending up in one death after the other. Kouga's image in the public might change after this. BUT that isn't really important. Why the heck is Jirou doing this? That, I'd like to know more clearly. Seeing Kouga gain a more heroic character could be pretty interesting but setting him up this bad is just too much.

Now for that runaway Konoha, I never expect to see her being with Akemi-san. Akemi's reappearance isn't particularly special. As for Konoha, is she getting a little more annoying nowadays or what? (I know I'm complaining to much right now but that's just how this series is starting to be). I don't want to try to fully sympathize with her but it does seem bad that Kouga and Jin aren’t telling her anything although their reasons could be her safety and stuff. Whatever it is, it's just an additional drama for the story.

In an overall look on ZETMAN as of this episode, as obvious as it seems, ZETMAN has gone from a decent anime to something I'm just getting annoyed at. The climax is just in after that big breakout of all the Players and Haitani's seemingly declaration of war against ZET. Am I excited? I bit, I guess although not as much as I was hyped up back then.
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