Sankarea - 10 + 11

Now this concludes Rea's father's interventions in their relationship. Will the final episode finally give a Chihiro x Rea happily ever after or will it give us some open-ended conclusion and make us all think for what could happen next? OR what else they can do for Rea. The preview sure doesn't give so much details but I'll be looking forward to it(:

Episode 10
I was really glad to see some character development on Rea's mother. Now I fully understand her treatment to Rea. Everything somehow does make sense right now.

This episode turned out rather different from what I was expecting to see. Yeah, I was looking forward to seeing what will happen to Chihiro. What will Rea's father do to him? Seeing Chihiro in a pinch must be one of his happiness. That obsessive father is nothing but crap. LOL. Enough trash talking. I understand Rea's father's feelings. Through Sanka Aria's (Asano Mayumi) story, we all see that Sanka Danichirou's (Ishizuka Unsho) obsession isn't Rea but Rea's mother who was the only girl he actually loved. This turned out more like a poor tragic story for both Aria and Danichirou and I pity both of them. I pity them because both of them are still living in the past and are holding Rea because they don't even know how to move on, especially Danichirou.

Episode 11
I was really glad to finally see Chihiro and Danichirou-sama's face off. Chihiro sure isn't someone who'd shut his mouth up until he said all what's in his mind. That's why I wasn't really surprise to see Danichirou actually stab Chihiro. What surprised me was that Chihiro was still able to head butt him and actually become what he calls half-zombie. I guess the time when Rea licked her wounds wasn't really for nothing. The poison stayed in his body until an actual bleeding happens. Just when I think that Chihiro will also become a zombie and live happily ever after with Rea. LOL.

This episode didn't only stick to Rea and Chihiro's happy ending (or so I think). It also gave enough fan service for Rea fans to enjoy. I guess that includes me. I'm not a huge fan of the nurse outfit that Chihiro had been meaning to see but I did liked the maid outfit and the bunny outfit :3 Anyway, Ranko's reappearance didn't pleased me one bit. I don't really care if all the fans wanted to see Ranko's large boobs. What she just said made Rea completely realize her (Ranko's) feelings for Chihiro. AND until now, I completely don't understand why the heck she's pushing through with her one-sided feelings for Chihiro despite the knowledge that they are cousins? :P

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