This episode seemed like a total mess. I pity Konoha, Jin's simple declaration of love to Hanako and Kouga's role as seigi no mikata.

As stated last episode, Jin needs the pendant his grandfather has left AND through that one-eyed Player that spies around Kouga's activities, Haitani and Jirou found out that the pendant is an important part of Jin's completion as ZET. ANYWAY, the clone of Jin that entered Konoha's room was a real horror. Konoha must have been traumatized with the sudden danger that's happening not only to her but to her entire family. Wait. I really pity Konoha in this episode. A really horrific clone of Jin entered her room and took the pendant, their house was burnt, her brother Kouga is certainly keeping something from her and Jin is practically falling for Hanako (well she still doesn't know about that). Her resolution? Run away from the base and what? Put herself in danger and put her brother in another mind boggling situation? The preview seems interesting…

Anyway, I was really glad that my assumption was right. Haitani is definitely plotting something big and making Jin reach his full potential as ZET probably have some good use in this plan. AND yeah, his plan isn't anything new since it's taking over the humans and stuff. What I would like to see is ZET's involvement in this plan. Also, looks like the bartender over at the EVOL's place has finally talked to Jin and plans to cooperate in stopping Haitani. Is his approach to Jin for real or is there something behind his approach?

Finally, what I would like to talk about or complain is the direction of romance in this series. Is it going to be Jin x Konoha or Jin x Hanako? During the past few episodes, I seriously thought that this will be all about Jin and Konoha but I guess this episode just proved me wrong. With Jin's innocence, he just declared his feelings for Hanako. Anyway, I'm not really up for that Jin x Hanako pairing since I get really annoyed with Hanako's feelings for Jin. She's pushing herself so much to him and I really hate that her feelings developed overnight. LOL. AND before I forget, Hanako's head aches! I think that it isn't some ordinary migraine.

In an overall look on this episode, looks like ZETMAN has finally reached its climax. With 4 more episodes to go, I wonder how ZETMAN will wrap up. I'm betting it won't be good but we'll see about that.(:
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