Nisekoi - Chapter 28: Celebration

Now Raku's confusion has got to begin. He suddenly asked Onodera if she's his promise girl BUT by the end of the chapter, Chitoge suddenly asked him if he's her playmate 10yrs ago. I'm pretty sure that there can't be two promised girls AND I won't go deciding which of them is the real one right now. I just want to enjoy this teasing story :3

Onodera just said that she thinks she is Raku's promised girl because of the locket. Should I say that it's a pretty concrete reason for her to be the promised girl? AND I'm pretty sure that Raku should have recognized Onodera's feelings for him. I mean it was just so obvious already! Anyway, they should have just tried if the key works on Raku's locket. Psh. It was that easy and they didn't even try. LOL.

Now for the highlight of this chapter: Chitoge's birthday! AND Raku's gift… is not the most surprising one. So as Claude's. LOL. He was so expected as usual. So stupid. HAHA. Anyway, even though Raku gave Chitoge that gorilla stuffed animal with a Chitoge-style hair which probably says that Chitoge is a gorilla, I'm pretty sure that she likes it. Wait. No. She appreciates it and she'll really treasure it. She's probably just using their fake relationship as an excuse. LOL. Anyway, with her sudden question to Raku, I wonder how things will go from now on :3
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