Sakamichi no Apollon - 10

There are just a lot of things that happened in this episode that I don't even know where to start. I guess from this point onwards, we'll talk less about romance and more about drama and other stuff.

Similar to most anime/manga out there, Sakamichi no Apollon goes off from one problem to another. I guess that's the very line each drama series takes on. I initially thought that the main route this anime will tackle is Kaoru's adjustment and their love triangle but I guess I was stand corrected. From what I saw in this highly fast-paced episode, this is just some typical adolescent drama anime and jumps from one issue to another. Nothing big about that, right?

Going over with what happened in this episode, Kaoru's reaction to Ritsuko's gift was pretty predictable. Although I still found it funny that he asked Sentarou first before claiming the gift truly his. I guess it's just pretty unbelievable to digest the idea that the person whom you waited for has finally liked you back. It's a mixed emotion kind of thing thinking of whether what you're thinking is true or not. Anyway, probably the most surprising thing that Kaoru has ever did in this series yet is strongly confess his feelings for Ritsuko through shouting it all over in the cold while he was dead sick x3

When I said that there were a lot of happenings in this episode, it definitely wasn't all talk. When I thought that Matsuoka Seiji's (Okamoto Nobuhiko) role is already over, he's already right back up and ready for another musical against Sentarou and Kaouru. His quick talk in the news paper right there reminds me of Niizuma Eiji from Bakuman whom Okamoto also voiced. Although that isn't really the highlight of this part of the story. It was merely the start of another challenge for Sentarou and Kaoru's friendship. In a more specific thought about this issue, I'm really bothered by Sentarou's decision. I do remember his story from episode 4 but I don't recall anything that bad for him to not see his father and never forgive him.

Just when I thought that things are finally coming to close, another drama was opened. I was really looking forward to Sentarou and Kaoru's second performance. I don't really want to see another friendship drama make-up on their next performance because that's already been done in episode 7. I'd just want to see them beat the hell out of Seiji's rock.
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