Kurogane - Chapters 32 + 33

And so Kurogane's general match with Ooki has finally been concluded! It wasn't anything surprising but Kurogane's skill has definitely gotten an inch up.

These two chapters weren't anything that intense and the suspense didn't built up in me. I wasn't the most excited when they won and wasn't the most surprised when Kurogane suddenly gave a blow of his own. Although I have to admit that through these last three chapters, Ooki has been introduced very well. From his past to his present and his possible future. I don't know if we'll see more of Ooki but for now, I guess we'll most likely see more improvements on Kurogane.

I was practically surprised at how the chapters were made. At some point, making this match around 3 chapters had its own ups and downs. In making Ooki's arc this long, I guess his character was well developed that seeing him the next time around would be pretty interesting because I'm pretty sure that he'll have more surprises under his sleeves. The downside of making this arc this long is that at some point it feels uninteresting at all. I can't believe that 10secs took so long x_x But nonetheless I think I easily got bored because of the sport because when I was reading Kuroko no Basuke, I was pretty excited and all even though 10secs takes so much pages. Wait. It's either the sports or it's because of the art. Either way, I'm just wishing that Kurogane will get better soon(:

Finally, the conclusion of the match was pretty good. We all know that Kurogane should have lost but I guess ghost Sayuri can't be seen by everyone. Kurogane's new move was definitely interesting and seeing the last page of chapter32 was pretty cool. Anyway, I don't know if I should be moved by how the conclusion turned out and what Ooki said to Kurogane after the match but I wasn't moved at all. HAHA. Well I did laugh at Aoharu's reaction when Kurogane suddenly fell on Tsubame Shiratori (their club's manager) XD

Now I'm ready for the next arc!
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