Sankarea - 08 + 09

Double posting on Sankarea for the 2nd time and it's because I've been out of the internet for too long and I've been very busy since I'm back to school x.x AND I haven't even watched episode 10 :P

ANYWAY, enough with excuses because this 2 episodes of Sankarea had me all woken up from my boredom. Yes, I was waiting for Rea's father's reappearance and here he is with that little scheme and I was really glad to see some character development on Mero :3 That really silent and cute sister of Chihiro. XD

Episode 8: Fake… Freedom..
This episode was just… fun. Rea was able to somehow enjoy her knowledge of 'normal' life. Going to the mall with Chihiro and wasting all his money. HAHA. Well, she had that really pretty dress. I won't go talking about a lot of things on this episode since there aren't much into it. ANYWAY the real highlight of this episode is the reappearance of Rea's father who's doing everything to get his precious daughter back. Also, who wouldn't be glad to see Chihiro's friend, Yasuda, being annoying and stuff? I really enjoyed the part where the men Rea's father hired tried their best to capture Rea AND thanks to Rea's surprising strength, they weren't able to do anything to her BUT capturing Chihiro to take her place wasn't really a huge surprise either. Now it's a really interesting idea how the princess will be the one to save the prince. HAHA.

Episode 9: Mother's… Hand…
I completely don't understand the connection between this episode and the previous one but this episode mainly showed us more Furuya Mero (Iguchi Yuka) than before. This episode which was devoted to Mero somehow became a fun and relaxing episode (although it really cut my excitement of seeing what'll happen to Chihiro). The first half being Sankarea's best attempt to add a little more comedy to the series but miserably failed. Mero's friends became… unexpectedly annoying. It's not the Yasuda-type annoying. They were middle school kids annoying - because they are. ANYWAY other than Mero's friends, the second half of the episode, on the other hand, tried its best to make to give Mero's episode a little drama by adding their mother to the story. Although I have to admit that seeing Mero be reminded of her mother because of Rea's approach was quite moving, it wasn't enough to make me feel satisfied about this episode.

Oh well. Episode8 was fairly good while episode9 cut the excitement, I'll go watch episode10 now and see what'll happen to Chihiro :3
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