Sword Art Online 12 + 13: Yui-arc end + battle with Skull Reaper makes me wonder what amazing technique they'll show this time.

Two episodes with entirely different stories. I just watched them today and no, I won't go with my usual words of I should have watched it earlier. HAHA. They weren't entirely good and there weren't really so much development in the story as well. That's disappointing.

~BTW, seriously long post.

Episode 12
A program having a heart/emotion is the same as a robot having a heart/emotion which I believe most of us have disagreed to. I just took up my machine intelligence course last term, I'm pretty sure that with the available knowledge and technology we have right now, I believe that it's impossible. So what gives?

Of all the things that SAO had introduced to us, I never really cared about them. Game mechanics and rules are as they are. BUT as what I have said in my episode11 post, Yui having that mind fuck moment was a hint that there's something to know about her state, her real self or whatever bug the game has.

SO Yui is a… program designed to monitor the players' mental states. Then what? She'd report what she observes to game creator Kayaba Akihiko? Either way, what's off for me in this part was that she's actually capable of feeling sorry or sad for players who'd die or kill themselves. Moreover, she even had the capability to admire these two people - Asuna and Kirito - of still being mentally capable amidst the adversity. SO what? She searched for them hoping to meet them one way or another and lost her 'memories' along the way?

~ah… that was just… bad… really bad.

For my final thoughts on this episode, Yui's intervention with the system was the reason she was considered as a bug and was then deleted from the system. Although the main problem about this is Yui's attachment to both Kirito and Asuna. I guess my thoughts in here go back to the problem about Yui, a system program/an AI, growing attachment to players. ANYWAY as a final note - how the heck did Kirito became a programmer and made Yui's tear drop into an object!?!? O.O

Episode 13
One of the things I disliked in SAO is how mixed events are done in episodes. Although in most cases, these mixed events play a role in the development of the events that happen in the episode. BUT then, this episode had parts in it and the first one being something seriously unrelated. They could have skipped it and devote this episode to the boss battle to make things more entertaining. But they didn't. Probably some dialogues and realizations are needed.

So the first part of the episode had mainly showed how people are living in SAO world as if it's the real world through the old man, Nishida-san. It's no surprised when people like him just gave up on hope of going back. It's been two years since everyone arrived in the game and front line players are currently in the 75th floor (although I'm not sure if everyone knows about that). People who are not strong enough to fight either rely on those who have enough skills to fight through the end or just accept the fact that they will be living in the SAO world for the rest of their lives. Well I don't blame them. They're still humans anyway and giving up is just part of them.

Asuna giving Nishida-san a push on having hope of getting out of the game is pretty nice. Although not really interesting. I'm already done with all the inspiring talks about getting out of the game and having a fun filled life after. It's the same speech over and over told in different style and words. We probably all get the point, they want to get out so that they can live life to the fullest. Yes. We all want that to happen. But the line stops when Asuna said, the reason I tried the NerveGear that day was so that I can meet him. I was like: seriously? O.O

Now before engaging to the boss battle, Asuna and Kirito's exchange of words were pretty good. This could not be the first time that Kirito finally broke down but it is the first time for him to wish to not leave. He told Asuna, we don't need to return to the real world. We can just live in the house in the forest!. Yeah right. You could live there all you want. Thank God Asuna just told him about reality - what's happening to their bodies. I've read several thoughts about that once the episode saying that 2years have already passed since players entered the game. I never really care about discussing that, going deeper to the issue or even bother to think bout that.

Anyway, Kirito was probably pressured after Heathcliff gave him an overview of the situation they were in for him to say something like not leaving SAO. It's funny how all he's thinking about was protecting Asuna when Asuna actually wants to fight along side him so that they could be together and protect each other. I don't want to look at it as Kirito underestimating Asuna's ability when he had believed in her all this time but yeah, the pressure and fear in SAO has finally gotten into him.

Finally, I'll be going to the battle with the Skull Reaper. BTW glad to see Klein back. HAHA. The boss definitely looks strong and his show of strength when it knocked off two players and instantly killing them was definitely scary. What they need here is a lot of potion, strategy and good defense. Seeing Heathcliff be part of the boss fight is a great thing. When he just charged in to the boss when others were running was really bold and amazing. His defense is really great.

In an honest call, I have always like the battle scenes in SAO even though there were times that it'll just be Kirito acting all cool. LOL. Anyway this episode's battle scenes were definitely weak; so I'm really looking forward to the continuation of the battle on the next episode hoping that it'll be great. 
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