Bakuman. 3 03 + 04: PCP could be a good manga, Ohba-sensei should write it as his next masterpiece with Obata-sensei.

Double post for Bakuman. 3! Sword Art Online would have the same treatment. I was really busy with school last week and I was also re-watching a couple of series and still finishing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. HAHA.

Episode 03.
I like how this episode focused on the relationship between Takagi and Iwase. This episode has strengthen their rivalry that even Mashiro acknowledged Iwase's talent.

Because of Iwase and Niizuma's crossover chapter of +NATURAL, PCP wasn't able to regain itself in its colored pages chapter. What kind of surprised me in this chapter's ranking was how Takahama's Seigi no Mikata is getting popularity. Of course I'm the type of person who likes my series with lots of words but I didn't know that something like that would sell on WSJ. But as I have said in my episode 2 post last time, it all depends on the execution. I guess Takahama's doing a pretty good job at it.

I think that the main focus on this episode is Ashirogi's way of regaining PCP. Takagi's 5-chapter plan is really interesting. I like how he thought of adding a rival for PCP. It was pretty odd that the rival just came at chapter20+ but who cares? LOL. The resolution to the chapter was pretty interesting. I really admire Takagi's ability to think of things like these. More importantly, the 'perfect crime' wasn't the only interesting part of the arc, the way the rival decided not to face PCP was the best part of it. Ahh~ I really wish that PCP is a real manga (-_-). I don't care if it gets an anime adaptation or what! HAHA.

Episode 04.
It seems that there were a lot of things that happened in this episode. There was never a dull moment since things kept on happening one thing after another. There were surprising, excising and even worrisome stuff that Ashirogi faced. Who knows how this will be resolved?

First off, let me start with the most noticeable issue here. As what Hattori had stated, there's a good chance that PCP won't get an anime because it's realistic. So much for getting excited from the Drama CD and Novel, huh? Anyway, it's a real waste that PCP doesn't seem to have any chance of getting an anime. The only solution that Mashiro probably have thought in here is making another manga.

It does seem like a great mystery how Niizuma is able to draw two manga and still have really good quality on both. Add to that the fact that he's the only one writing and drawing CROW when Ashirogi is a two-man team and they still can't beat Niizuma. So it all boils down to talent, huh? Niizuma's talent for writing battle manga has got to be the key and most likely his ability to just draw the scenes off really quick. He's just amazing.

SO will Ashirogi be able to write another manga or will PCP eventually get an anime? We'll see that soon. What's in front of us right now is the possibility that Takagi could write Shiratori Shun's (Iguchi Yuuichi) Rabuta and Peace. The decision was once again left to Mashiro when we all know that he'll say yes eventually (LOL @ Mashiro's face but darn that cliffhanger!).

that face you make when everyone's expecting you to say 'yes' but you wanted to say 'no' but you don't want to disappoint them. LOL.

With how the issue regarding PCP's cancellation finally being resolved nicely, now who's ready for the next arc? Without second thoughts, it's defintiely going to be about Takagi's authorship for Shiratori's manga. I'm not so interested in this arc but I hope that this adaptation can pull me in. While I doubt that we'll go deeper into the issue surrounding PCP's manga being highly realistic, I'm still hoping for the adaptation to take it in. It's one of the arcs that I really enjoyed reading :3

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