Sukitte Ii na yo. 01: there really is just something wrong with shoujo male leads, they tend to like peculiar or unlikely girls~

The guys in the romance series this season are pretty weird but really funny. HAHA. First off, we have Yoshida Haru from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun whose grades and idiot level are above average, Togashi Yuuta from Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! previously calls himself Dark Flame Master (and based on ep2, I bet he'll get back to calling himself that soon. HAHA) and Mashiro Moritaka from Bakuman. 3 who gets a fancy face from merely holding hands with his girlfriend. HAHA. And now we have… Kurosawa Yamato who saves the girl he likes through a kiss? O.O

Now Sukitte Ii na yo. has really proven itself as a pretty typical shoujo series with a very typical setting (not that I've seen a lot of shoujo series). I'd like to give an overview of what's up with this series. We have Tachibana Mei (Kayano Ai) who decided not to befriend or even talk to anyone because of trust issues and KurosawaYamato (Sakurai Takahiro) who's a very popular guy in their grade who by the way has a perverted friend. HAHA. Mei accidentally roundhouse-kicked Yamato and he became interested in her. He tries to befriend her and even gave his number to her. One night when Mei worked late, a regular customer of the bakery she's part-timing for started stalking her. AND that's when she suddenly had the need to call Yamato who immediately came to her rescue! YAY! :D

~Okay, now I'll go to the fancy details that I liked about this episode. First off, I definitely like Yamato's character. Typical bishounen is typical and we all like that. He liked Mei at first sight? HAHA. Also, Sakurai Takahiro did a great job in voicing him. He should voice more shoujo male leads X3 I like how Yamato tries to push himself to Mei (saying hi to her all the time and even asking for her number) BUT it was a total minus when he suddenly kissed her right in front of the stalker. HAHA. Really just no.

Mei's character basically screams drama. Really. Not trusting people is an issue which can either be big or small depending on how you look at it. And it's a pretty good source of drama in the series as well. I'm definitely looking forward to it. The funniest moment I had in Mei in this episode has got to be her idea of exchanging phones. That really cracked me up. Her long skirt reminded me of Sawako Kuronuma. And that awkward moment when Yamato's perverted friend tries to flip Mei's skirt only to find Mei roundhouse-kick Yamato and give them a good pissed off talk. Ooh~ that's the start of a great relationship (in shoujo terms). HAHA.

Throughout the episode, I get this Kimi ni Todoke atmosphere from it although they seem entirely different. The characters are very different. The only similarity I can think of is that Mei's a loner and Yamato's super popular to the girls. It's probably the art or… something else. Oh well~

In an overall impression on Sukinayo, I'd say that I'm pretty positive that I'll like this series. The comedy is pretty nice, the art is my type, Yamato is definitely someone to like :3 and I'm definitely looking forward to the drama in this series. This is definitely recommended for those who likes shoujo and romance series :D

Yamato sure is agrresive
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