Sukitte Ii na yo. 03: just how much more surprising things are we going to know about Yamato?

AND I thought that Mei would get a haircut~

For some reasons, this episode didn't felt as good as the previous two. Or was I just getting too much shoujo this season that I'm starting to compare them? Whatever the reason is, I'm starting to get tired of Mei's character. Turns out she's not my type of heroine for a shoujo series. Well. Wait, turns out their relationship and their characters (Tachibana Mei and Kurosawa Yamato) aren't entirely my type of characters. Now let's get down to business.

Setting aside the whole issue about Yamato kissing every cute girl in their school, Mutou Aiko (Uchiyama Yumi) suddenly said that she had sex with Yamato. And I was like, seriously? (-_-) I'm pretty sure this is just her dream, delusion or whatever. Although knowing more stuff like that about Yamato really just makes me dislike him.

As for Mei's character, I don't really know if I like her or not. I mean, sure, she's  a pretty nice character. Seeing her playbowling was pretty funny. Who would have expect that someone like her would be so good? But, the thing is, I'm actually starting to get annoyed with how much she gets affected with all these issues going around Yamato - how popular he is, how girls would easily like him and how much shit he did at the past.

Now I'd like to talk about Yamato's past. Based on what we were shown in the last episode, I think that at some point they contradict each other. But looking at it in another way, they could also not contradict each other. What I meant by they contradict each other is that, in this episode, Yamato said something about going with the flow and agreeing with the people around him so that he won't get beat up (pssh~ coward :P) and at the previous episode (episode 2), Asamicchi told us that Yamato actually defend her or something. Just think about it for a minute, if at some point he defended her in any way and poke at the other guys, wouldn't he end up getting beat up? :/ well, that's just a thought anyway. The situation or issue when it comes to girls could be different…

As for Aiko, that bitchy girl who seems to want and take Yamato from Mei seems more of a rival than last episode's Arai-san (or is she??). I have a good feeling that we'll see more of this girl in the following episodes. And I'd say that her boyfriend, Tachikawa Masashi (Majima Junji) sure is pretty nice. Despite how much she's still showing interest for Yamato, he doesn't seem to budge or get jealous. The only reason here is that, he really, really likes her to the point that he lets her do what she wants (push over. LOL.).

Anyway, comparing this series and Kimi ni Todoke has got to be one huge mistake. HAHA. Setting the atmosphere aside, Kuronuma Sawako and Mei aren't really alike in terms of character other than the fact that they used to be alone. The same goes for Yamato. He isn't anything like Kazehaya Shouta because he is so damn aggressive! / Д゚)/  Other than the fact that they are both popular since middle school, nothing really comes in similar to them.

In an overall look on Sukinayo as of this episode, I'd say that at some point, it's starting to slide down on me. The characters are somehow getting into. We definitely need more Asamicchi and Nakanishi!! Although the overall shoujo feel to it still seems pretty good. I sure do hope that things will get better in the future because somehow, I'm getting the feeling that Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is actually better than this.

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