Nagi no Asukara: P.A. Works' new series for 2013 featuring HanaKana and Natsuki Hanae (Wien from TARI TARI)

SO what is P.A. Works up to this time around that they don't even have an ongoing series this fall? I'm not really disappointed with their no-show in the year's best season since they don't really have anything outstanding as of now.

Anyway, there hasn't much being revealed regarding the story. All we've been told is that Manaka Mukaido (Hanazawa Kana) is an indecisive girl who's also cries a lot. Her childhood friend, on the other hand, Hikari Sakishima (Hanae Natsuki) is the caring type of person who'll probably stand by her side through difficulties.

There hasn't been anything amazing from what I've seen in here. Of course it's a nice plus to see HanaKana and Hanae playing the lead roles. Add to that the idea that their characters seem fitting for them based on the voices they've shown us on their previous roles. But of course HanaKana has done tsundere characters and such but I do prefer her sickly, quiet, cute-innocent type of characters such as Shiro from Deadman Wonderland and Mayushii from Steins;Gate. As for Hanae, I'm really glad to see him land another lead role. Although Wien wasn't really much of a lead role last season, Hanae showed there how nice his voice is. And ever since TARI TARI ended, I've been wanting to see another role from him(:

As for the staff, there were only 2major staff members revealed, director Shinohara Toshiya whom I'm not really familiar with and Okada Mari for series composition. Based on the PV I've seen, I think that she'll work okay. Naming some of her works that I watched and somehow liked are: AKB0048, AnoHana, Hourou Musuko and GOSICK. Although I don't really want to expect so much as well after seeing Fractale, Canaad and HanaIro right there in the list since I'm not really a fan of those series… The major problem I probably had in those three is the story progression and how uninteresting they get. Although HanaIro could probably be an exception since it's more of a highs-lows kind of series for me… Either way, Okada Mari's style is still something I'd like to see.

news taken from ANN: Announcement | PV
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