Sukitte Ii na yo. 02: episode 2 ends and they all live happily ever after. The end.

Now that things are going pretty well for everyone, looks like the rest of the story will be about conflicts in relationships like people trying to take Yamato away from Mei. Based on the first two episodes, Arai-san could be one of the people who'd take Yamato from Mei. And the girl that was shown in episode 1, don't know who she was but she seem suspicious. Oh well~

It's pretty interesting how fast things are happening in here. It makes me think of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Of course the Kimi ni Todoke atmosphere is still on and every time they say that Yamato care so much for everyone, he reminds me of KazehayaShouta which is my fave shoujo male lead. Although there's a really huge difference between the two of them. Despite how popular Kazehaya was, he was never the type who'd suddenly kiss the girl he likes. There could even be those times when Kazehaya would look more shy than Sawako which seem both good and bad for me. HAHA.

Of course Yamato has his own edge from Kazehaya. For one, he's definitely looks more capable of protecting the ones he like compared to Kazehaya. All Kazehaya could probably do is save Kuronuma from the girls that torment her while Yamato looks capable of actually protecting Mei from the stalker. Yamato's sense of security is probably comparable to Usui Takumi from Kaichou wa Maid-sama except that Usui's very mysterious and acts like a stalker (would suddenly pop out of no where to save Misaki).

Comparisons aside, I'll go to my impressions on this episode. First off, there's the Asamicchi issue. Her oppai issues. For some reasons, I actually like Asamicchi and her issue didn't surprised me one bit. Her cheerful character which was shown in the first episode was enough for me to know that this would be coming. Although what kind of surprised me was her loss of romantic interest for Yamato. But at the very least, that assures us that she'll be Mei's friend.

Yamato's perverted friend, Nakanishi Kenji (Shimazaki Nobunaga) is pretty annoying when he goes around how big boobs a re a good plus for a girl. Really it's annoying. But hey, it was funny when he suddenly nose bleed because of his ball accident while talking about Asamicchi's boobs in front of those jealous all talk girls. HAHA. Anyway, his confession sure was pretty nice. And I have a good feeling that the relation between the two of them is going to be good.

Now the issue of Yamato having kissed all the cute girls in the school except for the girl he first liked, Arai-san, sure is rich. HAHA. Okay, I honestly doubt that that the rumor is true. I mean when Mei asked Yamato regarding the issue he was just like, I'll do what I want to do (or something along those lines). Hmmm… I don't know about that.

this is irrelevant but his 'kiss with feeling' tasted like chicken (LOL)

Lack of social interaction, Mei started stalking Yamato and saw name here with him. Mei sure is pretty easy to read. When Mei asked Yamato regarding Arai, I'm positive that Yamato already gets the hint that she likes him. I mean come on! He asks things like that and suddenly hangs up? She's obviously jealous. And on the looks of Yamato's character, he doesn't seem to be the dense type of guy. He takes advantage of situations :3

The last part of the episode was just epic. HAHA. Mei sure needs to learn how to stalk efficiently. She's so freaking obvious. XD Anyway, it was pretty nice how Mei actually fought back when Yamato kissed her. I initially thought that she'll just let it be but damn, Yamato is really, really aggressive I didn't even count how many times he kissed her. XD and Mei's comment on Yamato's 'serious kiss' just made me laugh. Seriously.

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