Bakuman. 3 01: When you're in doubt, be true to your feelings

exactly my face while watching this episode

I think that Bakuman.'s comeback episode isn't my fave OP episode this season. Although I have to admit that J.C. Staff has done a great job in continuing the series. Everything still has the same feeling (and I do mean everything because the BGM seem to not change at all. LOL).

Bakuman. has already established its story and characters right from S1. Now this episode did an amazing job at reminding the viewers the main goal of this series (not that we forgot or anything. LOL). Also, this episode has already shown the first problem that Ashirogi Mutou has to over come - the high rankings of PCP that needs to compete with Niizuma's Crow and +NATURAL.

I'm not the biggest fan of the romance in Bakuman. but this episode was just really cute. Yes, Mashiro Moritaka (Abe Atsushi) and AzukiMiho (Hayami Saori) is probably one of the most stubborn couple ever. They'll go like: I'll just do this because it's the best for my dream even though I don't like it. We've probably seen this over and over. It's probably one of the reasons for drama. LOL.

The first issue that this season has gone through is Miho's voice acting and practically getting a shot on +NATURAL's lead heroine role. That just shows how great Miho is as a VA already. Anyway, the problem here was not entirely the idea of being the heroine of Mashiro's and Takagi's rival's manga (because stopping Miho with that somehow petty reason is being selfish BUT the rival idea probably just became part of the reasons). The idea is that if Miho gets the heroine role for +NATURAL and PCP gets an anime, there's a good chance that they'll discourage her of being the heroine of PCP as well. With that reason said, I was like: Pshh… That's just wrong! How come Sugita Tomokazu voices both Sakata Gintoki from Gintama and Usui Kazuyoshi from SKET Dance on the same season (Spring 2011)? LOL. ~Anyway, another point in her voice acting for +NATURAL is that, wouldn't it be more romantic if Miho would give her first heroine role on Ashirogi Mutou's manga? :3 Besides, it's their dream(:

As for Mashiro's part on the issue, his works suddenly getting bad was an indication that he was heck bothered. Does stuff like that really happen? Never experienced it before but I guess that's because I was never really inspired by specific people. Oh well. Anyway, Mashiro's way of rescuing Miho kind of reminded me of S2's episode 2. But this one is less dramatic, a little comedic and more romantic.

At this part of Bakuman., I think that Ohba-sensei has improved in writing female  characters. I quote what I said back then, "I just have to admit that I was never a fan of the female characters Ohba-sensei writes. For some reasons, I just don’t find them anything interesting or worth sympathizing for." Now I just like his female characters (except for Miyoshi Kaya. LOL. But I did liked her at the latter parts of the manga. ~near the end. LOL.). Yes, even Iwase. Even though she was acting like the most evil character in Bakuman., I like how she did it. I like how she wanted to use Miho to stop Ashirogi's dream, how she nags at Miura and how bitches off at Miho. LOL. (So for the record, there's only one character that I disliked in Bakuman. all throughout and that's Kaya. LOL.)

Side notes. Side notes. I have to say that the appearance of Niizuma Eiji (Okamoto Nobuhiko) has given this episode more life. It's nice to see Niizuma's predicting skills coming back to the screen. He goes, "I think it's best to give up on Azuki Miho. Because she's Mashiro's girlfriend. If she appears in our work, I don't think Mashiro and Takagi will be happy about it". I think that Niizuma is actually good at understanding people's personalities :3

'ai wa katsu-don desu!'

On some final thoughts, I have been reading mixed emotions on Bakuman.'s OP and ED. Honestly speaking when I read that the OP and ED will be done by nano.RIPE and Sphere respectively, I was instantly disappointed. Most especially the OP because I was never a fan of nano.RIPE and their style is totally off from S1's Blue Bird by Kobukuro and S2's Dream of Life by ShoheiItou. BUT then (~ah here I go), I gave nano.RIPE a chance and read through the lyrics as the OP plays. And well… I liked it. Although I can't imagine it being played at the last episode of S3. They really should have just brought back Kobukuro for this. HAHA. That duo is amazing.

In an overall look on Bakuman. 3's ep1, I'd say that I'm more than ready to watch this season. PCP is my favorite work by Ashirogi Mutou and the entire PCP arc is probably the best in the manga (IMO). The feel of the anime didn't changed one bit, the outstanding and fancy detailed art and BGM is the same. It's definitely something every fan of Bakuman. (both manga and anime) would love.

more screenshots here!
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