Bakuman 2 – Episode 2: Anthologies and Photo Books

I couldn’t say that I dislike this episode but I just have to admit that I was never a fan of the female characters Ohba-sensei writes. For some reasons, I just don’t find them anything interesting or worth sympathizing for. Now forgetting that, I just have to say that this chapter went smoothly and probably (if I can recall correctly) went faithfully with the manga.

The issue here is pretty low but maybe between Mashiro and Miho, it’s a pretty big case. Or maybe on my opinion, Miho just made a fuss about it (or is it just me since I’m not a fan of her?) which made it big. The idea is, she’s deciding whether taking the offer of doing a photo book and letting many ‘fanboys’ or perverts see her in her swimsuits or whatever. The idea is that, the manager (or whatever he’s called) actually wants her to do this and from the popularity she’s going to do from here will be her way to becoming a successful voice actress. With that said, the manager just sounds like a real pervert. Anyway, for Mashiro’s part, I was really touched with what he did. With how much he gained my interest for not even thinking twice and running off to see Miho, I have to praise Ohba-sensei for doing such an amazing job with his lead males.

Going over to the serialization of Detective Trap, it seems that there goes Miura-san. He’s starting to critique Trap in a way I’ll surely hate him and at the same time laugh him. Anyway, up to this point, I have to admit that I really like the seiyuu of Miura-san for doing a good job ‘cause the voice seems to match him so well. Now regarding Takahama-san’s character, I have to say that J.C. Staff did a great job on him. With how his introduction went on the first episode and his entirely different character in this episode when he was left with Mashiro-kun, I have to say that he’s going to be an interesting one. 

Episode 3 Preview:

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