SKET Dance – Episode 27: With Onee-san and Bad Scientist

This episode went on better than I thought. SKET Dance introduced a new character, Remi “onee-san” Misora who seems to have more energy than anyone else in the show.

Introducing onee-san, a former host of an educational children’s show “Can Mommy Come Too?”, has more passion than anyone else to become a teacher. Now that she finally becomes one, she wants to be a good model to her students but unfortunately she’s clumsier than them. When the sket-dan finally had enough of her being klutz, they went over to Chuu-san’s and asked him for some drug that could help one-san change her personality. Fortunately Chuu-san has a number of drugs that can change personalities. Though at the end of the day, not one of the drugs helped onee-san but one thing’s for sure, she was able to learn that changing her personality in a flash isn’t the best solution to it all. She doesn’t have to change her personality at all, she just has to work hard to change her weakness and improve her strengths.

As for the second half of the episode, after the sket-dan helped onee-san, she wanted to do something for them as well. She decided to clean the sket-dan’s clubroom but ended up messing the entire room. Once the sket-dan found out, they decided to be the ones to clean the mess onee-san did. While cleaning, Bossun found a heavy box which contained Switch’s failed inventions. They (mostly Bossun) demonstrated how the inventions work as well as its failure. Onee-san was greatly disappointed thinking that the sket-dan can’t really help anyone until Yabas came with a request. Yabas asked them to find a missing child that came from her old alma mater. Using Switch’s invention, Bossun was able to find the child fast and save him as well. With this, onee-san was really impressed of the sket-dan and saw them as people who truly help people.

As my first impression at the first half, I thought I wouldn’t like onee-san but as the episodes goes on, she’s a pretty good character after all. With Chuu-san’s personality drugs, the first part turns out more amusing than I expected. I laughed at onee-san’s random personality whenever she’s in the classroom. Though, by the end of the first half, something interesting and inspiring just came out off of Chuu-san’s mouth, how unexpected, but I have to admit that I liked it(:

Probably the funniest part in here is when the sket-dan checked out Switch’s inventions. The head the blows hot ramen reminds me of Tama-chan from Gintama. The stupidity of the invention practically cracked me up. Getting over Switch’s stupid inventions, they were eventually used when Bossun saved the child falling from the building but the Tama-chan-looking head was never really used at all. I laughed when it appeared right beside Bossun when he fall. I was like, how the heck did that get there!? xD

It’s good that this episode didn’t go with a two entirely unconnected stories ‘cause honestly speaking, I don’t like the SKET Dance episodes much which include  two stories with entirely unrelated story. Also, the wholesome comedy is pretty good. I still can’t get over Switch’s inventions, most especially the Tama-chan-looking head.

Episode 28 Preview:

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