Kimi to Boku. – Episode 2: The Day the Tulips Bloomed

I’ve read a number of comments that Kimi to Boku is boring and is going completely nowhere. Well I say I’m definitely sticking to this show because this is one of the shows that I really enjoy this season.

With another relaxing mood and a little less comedy than previous episode, Kimi to Boku has reached most people’s realizations that this isn’t everyone’s type of anime. Though personally, like I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed this series more than K-ON! & A Channel who have the same slice of life genre. But then, their major differences are the gender of the main characters and the atmosphere they try to project. Kimi to Boku is (I think) about the everyday life of this all-boys group of friends while K-ON! & A Channel is about the everyday life of this all-girls group of friends. I believe that this major difference is what most anime fans disliked about this show. Seeing four boys do this what-we-all-expect-to-see-from-girls kind of things isn’t really something that could please everyone.

What amused me this time is the tiny freshman bullying Shun. First of all, the freshman’s reason for bullying Shun is pretty shallow yet I’d say that she might even play a role in the following episodes (who knows, right). Anyway, she started pulling Shun’s chair, throwing rocks and other bullying things a little girl like her could do all because Shun gave her a fancy looking band-aid. If I were Shun I would have been seriously pissed off and would like to do the same things to her, but Shun is Shun and by the end of the day, he was really nice to her and even promised to give her more band-aids until her would heals. How shallow.

As I mentioned earlier, I found this episode a little less comedy from the previous one but still it was fairly amusing. One of the things that made me laugh was when Kaori-sensei said this so-called spell to take the pain from Yuki’s wound away. And Yuki was like: Are you sure I don’t need a band-aid? Another one was when Kaname asked Yuki to chase after the freshman for Shun but Yuki didn’t feel like going after her until Kaname said that he’d buy him some manga.

Other than comedy, I’ve read the genre of Kimi to Boku in a website and it says that it includes romance. Now that’s something I would like to see and something that could even raise the bar higher for me. I mean, I just can’t see anyone of them getting a romance life. Probably the nearest would have to be Shun and probably Yuta. As for Yuki and Kaname, I just don’t see it. Also, after this episode, little snippets of drama could probably be something to look forward to by the near end (or somewhere) in the series.

Being a slice of life anime, I still couldn’t understand the whole point of this series or will this series even ever have a point at all and stick to plain everyday life? Though I guess everything will seriously start next episode where Chizuru Tachibana (Irino, Miyu) will join the scene. I would like to see how he’ll affect the four guys as well as the flow of the entire series. Also, this just cross my mind out of nowhere but what happened to Yuki's club?

Episode 3 Preview:

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