Bakuman – Chapter 148: One-Hit Battle and Stand-Alone Story

                From the given conditions, the editor-in-chief gave to Nanamine-kun last chapter, he added another one. Though it’s pretty obvious but given Nanamine-kun, the editor-in-chief told Nanamine-kun that he has to show Kosugi his name.

                The next day, Hattori told Mashiro and Takagi about Nanamine-kun’s condition on getting publish in Jump again. He told them everything the editor-in-chief said to Nanamine-kun. With the given conditions to Nanamine-kun and through the published one-shots in Jump that was made in his company, Mashiro quickly thought of a good plan to defeat Nanamine-kun. With around 1 to 2 months before Nanamine-kun’s one-shot, Mashiro thought of doing a stand-alone chapter for PCP.

                Meanwhile, Nanamine-kun showed Kosugi his company. Similar to his previous way of making manga, Kosugi is named as the 221st person that could give him advice. After Kosugi left, a name was finally given to Nanamine-kun and was scored 9.3 by the monitors. The next day, Nanamine-kun showed Kosugi the name and was instantly accepted. Kosugi was impressed of the name Nanamine-kun showed him that he ran off to show it to the editor-in-chief. As for the editor-in-chief, with an interesting name Nanamine-kun submitted, the issue his one-shot will be published was already decided and turned out earlier than what Ashirogi-sensei was expecting.

                As for Hattori who exchanged a couple of words with the editor-in-chief, he immediately asked Mashiro about the editor-in-chief’s words, “a stand-alone that isn’t a stand-alone”. With these words, Mashiro immediately went through Kawaguchi, Taro’s works. He searched for the Jump issue where his uncle was talking about a new gag manga being published and he was going to battle it with a ‘stand-alone that isn’t a stand-alone’ chapter. After seeing Kawaguchi, Taro’s ‘stand-alone that isn’t a stand-alone’ chapter, Ashirogi-sensei finally has an idea of what they are going to do in their chapter which will be published with Nanamine-kun’s one-shot.

                Now this chapter finally gave the readers an idea of how the battle between Ashirogi, Mutou and Nanamine, Tooru will be. With the preview of Nanamine-kun’s one-shot, it’s definitely an interesting psychological battle though as a fan of Nanamine-kun’s work, I’d say it’s not as interesting as “Classroom of Truth”. Kosugi, as an editor I personally am not fond of, instantly gave Nanamine-kun the ‘yes’ and brought the name to the editorial department. As for Ashirogi-sensei’s part, the idea of a ‘stand-alone that isn’t a stand-alone’ seems pretty interesting and I personally would like to have a glimpse of the chapter, or maybe even read the entire chapter if given the chance. For this all-out battle, Team Fukuda is still on the scene. Fukuda being the all-talk type of person, his plan hasn’t been given as well as the rest of team Fukuda. Also, Niizuma-sensei was not shown this chapter. Once the 11th issue of Jump for the next year (on Bakuman time) is released, Niizuma-sensei would probably be giving his predictions again on how things will actually go. With how things are going, I personally would like to see Nanamine-kun published though most fans would like to see him go down in this arc. Whatever the outcome of this arc will be, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be good and will definitely have an impact on the rest of the story of Bakuman. If Nanamine-kun loses, he’s gone (for good?) and if he wins (in which I doubt could happen right now), there’s a possibility that there would be another Nanamine-kun arc in the future.

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