Bakuman – Chapter 153: The World and His Opponent

The results for Reversi are in and not even Ashirogi-sensei expected it. Will Reversi be serialized together with ZombieGun in Weekly Shounen Jump? This chapter just tells it all.
A New Record

Niizuma-sensei did set a new record of 692 votes for a one-shot last week but Ashirogi-sensei overtook this record with 694 with Reversi. As someone who has been reading Bakuman for around a year now, I seriously didn’t see this coming. But I guess this is what makes Bakuman so exciting. The idea of things you never expected actually happening. Well, probably for some people, they saw this coming since Ashirogi’s the protagonist anyway.

Niizuma’s sulking…
Okay, so one thing I also didn’t expect to see is Niizuma-sensei being so depressed about losing to Ashirogi by two votes. I guess he was so fired up with ZombieGun and made it the manga that will be the world’s number 1. With his depression, he decided not to write ZombieGun’s name for serialization.

With Niizuma's stubbornness, Yuujiro’s also gotten depressed ‘cause Niizuma refuse to submit his serialization name. He’s taking Niizuma’s serialization his team’s top priority that’s why he had a short argument with Hattori who wants Ashirogi’s Reversi to get serialized. Well, all I can say is Hattori is damn right about Yuuhiro taking Niizuma into priority that he initially refused to take Ashirogi’s name.

the new editor-in-chief, Heishi is EPIC!

Reversi’s Serialization
With Ashirogi-sensei still have PCP in serialization with good results, there’s no way the higher ups can just cut it down for Reversi to be serialized. The idea of Ashirogi still can’t do two serialization in WSJ (Weekly Shounen Jump) is a pretty good consideration. That’s why the new editor-in-chief decided to talk to the editor-in-chief of Hissho Jump. The final outcome? Reversi is finally serialized but not in WSJ but in Hissho Jump. The question in mind in here is that, if PCP gets cancelled, will Reversi be moved to WSJ or will they write an even better manga for WSJ? Also, will Reversi ever get a chance for an anime even if it’s in HJ? If so, when will that be?

Niizuma’s final decision
With Ashirogi-sensei being serialized in Hissho Jump, Niizuma’s finally done sulking and decided to write his name for ZombieGun. He’s going for the next serialization meeting. What I’ve been thinking about this is that did Niizuma decided to write the name because he won’t be directly competing with Reversi? – I wonder…

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