Bakuman 2 – Episode 3: Window and Snow

I was never a fan of Nakaii-san but when this episode is presented in a way you’ll seriously feel what’s happening, I can’t help myself but feel a little sorry for Nakaii-san when he found out that Aoki will be working with Koogy to write another manga.

Like what I’ve mentioned back then, Miura-san is beginning to probably ruin Detective Trap for me. Saying that Trap is not that good as it is (or something like that last episode) yet we’ll see what happens with the results. Pshh… With rank 3 for their first chapter Mashiro is seriously disappointed but just can’t complain about it since their oh-so jolly editor is nothing but positive in mind. Yes, 3rd is a good ranking but as mentioned by Mashiro, not for a 1st chapter. With how Miura-san acted here, I’m pretty sure that Ashirogi-sensei will be carry over with Miura-san’s positive thinking.

Well the main issue this episode isn’t really Ashirogi-sensei’s annoying editor rather it’s Aoki-san getting a new partner for her manga. If anyone remembers Koogy, the singer who quit (am I right here?) so that he can write manga, he’s Aoki’s new partner. Personally, I’d have to say that I never saw him as a good character for this series. Good thing he was easily taken out and gone for good. I’ve never seen him back in the manga either. Ohba-sensei must have forgotten about him. LOL.

Anyway, what really caught me in this episode is Nakaii-san’s way of getting Aoki-san back. He draws manga every night outside her apartment. I know he looks like a disgusting fat ass pervert drawing manga outside Aoki-san’s apartment but setting all those things aside, I have to admit that J.C. Staff did a great job with affecting me in this episode. For some reasons, I felt sorry for Nakaii-san because he was like freezing in the strong snow. As for Aoki-san, it was about time she gets out of her apartment. She’s so stubborn she blamed Nakaii-san’s amazing artwork for her failure in the story.

But then, here’re the things I’m pretty sure of, when Aoki-san gave an umbrella to Nakaii-san and invited him inside, the mixture of his tears, his cold, his fat ass and his perverted look is certainly disgusting. When I saw the look on his face, I was like: Okay, I’m done sympathizing with you. Another thing about this episode is how much we’re all sure Ashirogi-sensei is affected by Miura-san’s positive thinking. The ranking for their second chapter is definitely not below ten but obviously near it. How can Ashirogi-sensei improve their next chapters to maintain their spot in the top 10?

Episode 4 Preview:
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