Most Popular Fall Anime

Fall 2011 anime offered a lot of interesting new series and sequels. A number of people are going over Chihayafuru, Fate/Zero and Mirai Nikki as the top anime for this season. Personally, I can't completely disagree since I love both Chihayafuru and Mirai Nikki and as for Fate/Zero, I haven't watch it.

Chihayafuru is definitely outstanding on its own way. With a moving story based on the josei manga of the same title, a great set of seiyuu (the cast always captures me) and a really outstanding art, I couldn't helped myself but like this series. Despite not getting interested in 'karuta' and still having the confusion of as to why it's okay to bash a number of cards just to get one card, Chihayafuru is definitely an anime worth watching this season.

As for Mirai Nikki, it definitely came out to be my top anime for this season. With the really interesting psychological story, a yandare heroine, the really great adaptation that will make you jump off of your seat even if you've read the manga, the great BGM that will keep your heart pounding through out each episode and the outstanding art which really fits the atmosphere of the anime, Mirai Nikki is bound to make every psychological anime fan place this at the top of their anime list (or at least near the top).

Top 5 Fall Anime:
This list is based on the poll done by Recochoku, a Japanese mobile music website.

1. Fate/Zero

Based on poll done by Recochoku, without a doubt Fate/Zero made the top of the list. Honestly speaking I have no idea why since I haven't watch it myself. But yeah, I've read in different blogs that this anime is definitely good. I'm planning on give this a go after I've watched the other anime of this series.

2. Working'!!
I have to admit that Working is really good comedy series. It definitely makes my top list for comedy anime but then, personally speaking comedy anime doesn't really reach my top anime list 'cause I'm more of the story-driven and character-driven anime with psychological and supernatural genre as well as anime with dark atmospheres. I guess through the rest of the list, most people who answered the survey likes comedy anime. Oh well...

3. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
Haganai is based on a comedy manga of the same title. The manga is pretty funny though half boring as well. I was looking forward to this anime 'cause in my experience I enjoy watching comedy than reading them. But then, I was somehow disappointed 'cause this anime didn't capture me which made me place this on-hold. I'm not saying that this series is bad, in fact, the art is pretty good. What I'm just saying is that it the feeling of the anime isn't the same as the manga.

4. Kimi to Boku.
Being one of the most talked about anime 'cause of how the slice of life anime with the usual female moe characters were replaced with a somewhat boring group of guys, Kimi to Boku was able to grab the 4th place of the poll. Personally, I do like this series 'cause of the difference it made from the other slice of life comedy centered anime. I like how the art seems so relaxing, the background being well made, the acoustic BGM every episode that gives off the relaxing feeling as well, the good comedy which are sometimes thrown with straight faces and monotonic voices and most especially the main characters being a group of guys. Overall, this anime being said as 'not everyone's cup of tea', it definitely is mine. This is a recommended anime for those who would like to watch some comedy, just sit back and relax.

5. Persona 4: the Animation
Despite not being able to play the original game myself, I found this anime quite interesting given its dark setting and mystery-action style of approach. I don't mind seeing this at the top 5 but then, I sure do wish other interesting anime could have been in the list. Anyway, probably the strongest point for P4 is its interesting story and its popularity as a video game. I believe that the anime was able to keep the gaming atmosphere based on the reviews I've read from the gamers themselves. 


  1. I'm not sure if Kimi to Boku should be on that list or not (since a lot of people dropped the anime on the first episode). In my opinion, the most popular one right now is probably Guilty Crown on also Mirai Nikki (the one which isn't on your list.

  2. @Rei: like i said, the list isn't mine.. it's based on the poll done by the Japanese mobile music website, Recochoku.. my source is stated at the bottom of my post..

    anyway, i'll have to agree that Guilty Crown could probably be the most popular right now. as for Mirai Nikki, i'm not that sure but it's definitely at the top of my list this season.

  3. I see. Sorry I didn't read the article that much.

    Glad you agree. Fall anime season was really awesome. I hope the Winter will be the same :)

  4. no problem(:

    i'm definitely looking forward to Winter. i've seen a number of possible good shows next season :D


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