ENIGMA – Chapter 51: Cannibal & Chapter 52: Coffin

                I can’t stop myself from saying: I knew it! while reading these two chapters. The entire arc about Sumio’s wish has been on a rollercoaster ride and I have to say that these chapters are on the top of the tracks.

                After the disappearance of the gentleman and the revelation that Akame Tsutomu was the cannibal, I was extremely disappointed with what Kenji Sasaki-sensei was doing. Well now, I have to say that she has clearly gotten my full attention again. Summarizing what I just read looks like this will go on for a couple more chapters before the cannibal is really defeated.

                Now, with the comeback of all the characters, I have to admit that it’s looking pretty well. Most especially when Kirio was shown last chapter 50. Kirio helping Sumio was never of a surprise but what’s been bothering me was his reason for getting the skull back. Now I just want to go back to the chapters where Sumio and the rest met Kirio and probably read these chapters another time. If I can recall correctly, he gave Sumio the skull because he wants to be free and stuff. But now he wants the skull back, does this mean that this arc, Sumio’s wish, is still not the end of it all? I guess we’ll see about that. Also, it came across my mind again but was Shigeru on Cannibal’s stomach (or whatever that place is called) or not? I’m pretty sure that she was shown to be in another place, probably the next stop. So, does this mean that Cannibal wasn’t able to eat her? Why is this so? Is it because she was with Sumio before the train picked him up? Or is there something else?

                As for the ending of chapter 52, what’s up with the headless stuffs in Cannibal’s (or Kouda Shimei. I guess I should be calling him by his name) stomach? I exactly have no idea but I’m really interested to know. With the sudden turn of events and my wish of the president (Jirou Matsurugi) being the cannibal has been granted, it looks like Enigma is back to being interesting. 

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