SKET Dance – Episode 28: Shinba Michiru’s Elegant Cooking

Who knew that a cooking show could be this funny?

I certainly like it when SKET Dance sticks with the one story per episode since it produces a better story and more entertaining punch lines. This time, the star of the show is Shinba Michiru of the student council. Personally speaking, this episode didn’t made me laugh as much as the previous ones but sometimes it’s just great to see the student council take over the show.

Probably one scene that caught me in this episode was when Shinba was talking to the student council about the cooking show he’s going to host at the first television broadcast of the school. For Agata it’s practically a pain in the pass but after Shinba mentioned about having two more members of the student council as assistants, his act suddenly reminded me of Bossun whenever he wants something so badly. I was laughing at how he was going over wanting to be asked if he wants to be an assistant when Shinba decided on Mimorin and Tsubaki as his assistants. Add to this the seriousness of Daisey and her secret to desire on being the assistant as well when she suddenly chopped a piece of eraser (was it?) like a pro chief. All I say is: Daisey + Agata + Shinba + Cooking Show = EPIC FAIL!

As for the actual cooking show, talk about getting pissed off. Daisey and Agata turned out to be uninterested at all. Shinba decided to do the show himself but it looks like Agata just can’t let Shinba get all the attention that’s why with molding the hamburgers. So after throwing thehamburger and messing it up, he used the cooking show trick and showed the viewers the finished product. After what he did, he even pulled off the frying pan and started cooking steamed clams with sake. OK, he just did it. Now Agata has just seriously pulled it off. With Shinba gone drunk the show was instantly called off.

Well with that said, let’s call this episode a pretty decent one. Well, I’m not saying it isn’t good or anything but it just didn’t caught my attention that much probably because I was probably looking forward to something more interesting or more comical because of the bar that was set by the previous episodes.

Episode 29 Preview:

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