SKET Dance – Episode 29: The Second Coming of the Mistaken Angel

After the petty disappointment I got from last episode’s SKET Dance, I’m actually glad that despite being a two-story episode, this one went pretty well.

The first half of the episode dealt with Dante’s (GACKT) request. He was searching for the piece of paper inside his mechanical pencil. According to him, he’s doing it for a love spell. Mataku. What kind of spell involves placing your crush’s name on a piece of paper, rolling it in and placing it inside your mechanical pencil for 3 months (am I right here?)? Anyway, forgetting that, this first half went on pretty well. The joke about Jougasaki’s name definitely never gets old. Also, when Izumisawa-san finally saw Dante, I was like: seriously? There would be some who’d like HIM!? Who knows? The atmosphere was just right, the background music was pretty good until Dante looks at her and Izumisawa-san was like: Da… Dare? (Who?). Ahhh, the look on Dante’s face = EPIC!

As for the second half, it was about Chiaki Takahashi a.k.a. captain (Satou, Satomi) or was it about eating ramen for 40 minutes? Anyway, the look on Bossun’s face when he doing his best to finish off the ramen in 40mins = EPIC. Ahhh, SKET Dance is definitely good at doing epic facial expression. Anyway, the sket-dan noticed that captain can actually eat fast and eat a lot. The major scene for this part of the episode was when they found out that captain doesn’t actually eat eggs. Bossun said all this dramatic words to convince captain to eat the egg and captain responded with her own dramatic monologue. Okay, that was just really weird. Anyway, captain eventually ate the egg anyway and with how things were right after she ate it, from the looks of things, she probably threw up after eating. Ahhh, at least she finished the ramen in less than 40 minutes.

Overall, this episode couldn’t be any better. It’s good as it is and the comeback of the two characters brought out some real laugh. Before I forget, did anyone notice the Yabasawa Yu-Gi-Oh! card?  LOL. Also, this just came across my mind but did anyone notice that SKET Dance always have a sunset scene every episode? Here're some samples: episode 26, episode 27 and episode 28.

Random Corner:

Speaking of love spells, I suddenly remembered School Days which I watched about a year ago which also has this “love spell” or “love charm” kind of thing. With the idea done here in SKET Dance, it was pretty interesting but somehow pretty stupid as well. The idea of writing your crush’s name on a piece of paper and placing it inside your mechanical pencil is pretty darn stupid. As for its counterpart which is done by girls, they have to take something the guy always use and keep it with them for 3 months. Now that’s just stealing. Tsk. As for School Days’s “cellphone charm”, I actually find it more interesting than what Shinohara-sensei (for those who doesn’t know, the mangaka of SKET Dance) did. For School Days, they have to take a picture of the one they like using their phone. If they are able to keep it for 3 weeks without anyone seeing it, their love will be realized :D Now that's just something worth trying.
Episode 30 Preview:

Episoe 30 Preview:

Final Note: I'm going to quit my weekly review/comments on SKET Dance basically because its difficult to give my opinions on a gag anime. First of all, not all episodes are that interesting and second, I don't enjoy writing about all of the episodes of SKET Dance. Starting on this post, I'll only blog episodes which catches my interest(:

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