Bakuman – Chapter 151: Zombies and Demons

                It looks like Ashirogi Mutou has leveled up after all these years of writing manga. Who would have thought that they will have a mainstream manga by this time? Actually, I never thought that it’ll be this soon.

                What’s interesting about this chapter is Ashirogi-sensei’s and Niizuma-sensei’s ideas for their new manga. First off, Niizuma-sensei finally revealed his ‘super cool dark hero’. Personally speaking, Niizuma-sensei’s idea didn’t caught my attention not that I’m not a fan of zombies. Actually I am. But it’s just that probably it’s not my type of manga or whatever. I guess we’ll see about that once he has shown his hero and as well as a chapter preview. Let’s just all hope a sneak peek on their chapters will be shown.

                As for Ashirogi-sensei’s new manga, it’s got this fantasy feeling because of the idea of demons and the shounen vibes because of the idea of justice. Actually, the first thing that came across my mind was Death Note which was Ohba-sensei and Obata-sensei’s first master piece. Death Note came to me because of the idea of working for justice with two main protagonists with the same ability. Anyway, getting over that, as a fan of Ashirogi-sensei, I wouldn’t want to see them write a mainstream battle manga. But then, their goal is to have an anime, right? So I guess it can’t be helped.

                For the next chapter, I have this feeling that we’ll finally get to see Niizuma-sensei’s hero. With how good Crow looked, I’m definitely looking forward to another spectacular looking hero from Niizuma-sensei. As for Ashirogi-sensei, I don’t have the slightest clue how they’re going to write the story which gives me the interest in reading their new manga but as I have said earlier, I just don’t see Takagi writing a mainstream battle.

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