catching up on Nisekoi

I can't believe that I just read chapters 20 - 24 a couple of weeks back and chapter 5 a couple of days ago. They were so great xD

Since Nisekoi is a romance manga, I wasn't really surprised to see this turn into a total Raku Ichijou harem. Although I have to admit that it made everything a big more interesting with Tsugumi herself being innocently in love with Raku :3 Innocent love is the best thing to see xD More importantly, looks like Chitoge's taking Onodera's role as Raku's promised girl. Either way, they both have an ancient looking key and are both eyeing on Raku's locked necklace. Things should get more and more interesting :3

I wouldn't discuss and share my thoughts on the previous chapters and just go on with the latest chapter, Chapter 25: How to Call.

This chapter makes me smile all the way down, not that I was cheering for the Chitoge x Raku pairing. HAHA. Anyway, from where chapter 24 left off, Chitoge suddenly accepts playing a ghost in their school's version of the test of courage to avoid Maiko, Raku's megane friend (if anyone has already forgotten). Her flashlight just ran out of battery and she's miserably scared of the dark as shown in Chapter 9. Anyway, I squealed when Chitoge proposed to Raku for them to call each other by their first names. Finally!

Anyway, I seriously feel bad for Raku since he was really waiting for this opportunity to be alone while holding hands with Onodera for the entire test of courage. As nice as Raku can be when he found out that Chitoge's in the forest with a dead flashlight, he immediately rushed over to look for her. Chitoge, on the other hand, is slowly remembering the things that happened to her back then. The times when the boy she promised to 10yrs ago saved her.

I'm sure that there'll be more interesting things to come on the following chapters. AND I'd be really glad to see another appearance by Claude and see an improvement in his plans since Tsugumi sure isn't doing her job well anymore since she has fallen to her target. Not that she needs to kill him or anything. HAHA. She just serves as a look out and see if Raku and Chitoge's relationship is for real.
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