Kimi to Boku. 2 - 08

Watching Kimi to Boku today literally slipped off my mind. Wait. No, watching anime today literally slipped off my mind 'cause I was reading Kuroko no Basuke. Anyway, here's my thoughts on this week's Kimi to Boku(:

This episode came out rather entertaining because of Yuki, Yuta and Chizuru's thoughts AND a little side comment from Kaname and Shun-chan's paranoia. Shun-chan's brother, on the other hand, is a pretty interesting character and definitely fun to watch given that he seems to be the complete opposite of his mother-like brother Shun-chan :3 

This episode seemed to be more about what's going on on guys' thoughts rather than Shun-chan's brother, Fuyuki (Okamoto Nobuhiko) AND I seriously enjoyed this episode. I was laughing all the time when Yuki, Yuta and Chizuru kept on going about Fuyuki doing more than kissing to Mamiya-san while Shun-chan goes paranoid over everything that they are saying. In my opinion, I doubt Fuyuki will do more than kissing to Mamiya. Fuyuki seems to be a really typical guy to me. He may be perverted and likes looking on perverted magazines and stuff BUT whenever he faces Mamiya, he focuses his attention on her and always seem so shy AND when she's not around, he goes crazy over their kiss. They're so cute :3

Anyway, despite disappointing me with no romance included in any of the MCs, I still had fun watching this episode. The whole gang was funny when they were tailing Fuyuki on his date with Mamiya-san AND Shun-chan was really funny when he was all worried about Fuyuki. He really was like his mother. HAHA. Well this episode was really funny all in all. The idea of doing something more than kissing (you know what I mean. LOL), the karaoke scenes and everything else wasn't able to make a strong episode but still enjoyable to watch.  AND when Fuyuki asked to touched Mamiya's chest, I seriously got surprised. Wait. I was even more surprised when Mamiyaagreed to be touched O.O WTH was that all about? Then she cried. Yeah, I don't blame her on everything. BUT… Oh well.

Finally, the preview doesn't really suggest anything interesting BUT I do hope that the next episode will be good. We only have around 5 episodes to go and we still have Yuta's and Kaname's episode to watch out for.

For more screenshots, click here.

Something Random:
Yuki: Ouch, hot...
Yuta: Why are you cooling your fingers on my earlobe?
Yuki: Because it's close by.
Yuta: Really? I didn't realize it was close than your own earlobe.

Yuta pinches Yuta’s earlobe…
Yuta: What?
Yuki: Yuta, your earlobes are soft.
Yuta: Most people's earlobes are soft.
Yuki: They say that people with soft earlobes are perverts.
Yuta: Really?
Yuki: Yeah. Which means most people are perverts.
Yuta: ehhh... What are we going to do if Shun's earlobes are soft?

Episode 9 Preview


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