Kimi to Boku. 2 - 06

"My brother, whose sole interest is manga, has taken a surprisingly interest in the curly-haired Cinderella of the cafeteria. Since then, his 'same old, same old' days had started becoming more eventful."

I was really surprised to see myself actually liking this episode. Last season, Yuki and cafeteria girl's episode has got to be the most boring now. This time around, I've found it really interesting and now I'm really looking forward on seeing them together again :3

Funny how Yuki is still into collecting those stickers for some worthless plate. I wasn't surprised to know that Chizuru was the first one to give up on their sticker duty. Anyway, I find this episode really funny and a lot better than the previews one. Also, this episode turned out a little dramatic and I'm really glad to see Yuki actually liking someone though I still don't know if he's aware that he likes her or what. BUT I'm sure Yuta knows that Yuki likes cafeteria girl, Sakura Kayo (Endo Aya). The most beautiful part has got to be when Yuki gave Kayo the plate and their walk home while talking. I'm pretty sure that this could be the last time we'll see Yuki act a little mature unless they'll see each other again :3

The funniest moment here has got to be the time when Yuki asked the basketball club for the stickers. His desperation to complete it to give the plate to Kayo has driven him to play a one-on-one with Yanagi. Funny thing is Yuki has to shoot the ball and not miss and not to my surprise, Yuki just shoot the ball in the coolest way possible without even moving from his place! xD He has got to join the basket ball club. That'll be really cool :D

After seeing the preview, it makes me want to see the next episode already. Looks like we're back on the usual Chizuru x Masaki :D I doubt that this coming episode can beat episode 2 but I'm still looking forward to this! Now I'm really itching to see an episode about Yuta and Takahashi since Yuki just had his with Kayo. 

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Something Random:
Chizuru: You jerk! What time will you have to hang out with me if you join a sporty club like the basketball one?
Yuki: Like I said, I turned him down.
Kaname: You should join. You can find all the sweat, hard work, and high fives absent from your youth at the Basketball club.
Chizuru (thinking): Asaba Yuki on the basketball team…
Yuta (thinking): …sweat and hardwork…
Shun (thinking): …and high fives…
Yuki (thinking): This shrimp is delicious.
Chizuru: I can't do it. I can't even imagine it.
Yuta: I think I did a little. It was really blurry, though.
Shun: That's amazing, Yuta-kun. I couldn't see anything.

Episode 7 Preview

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