Sakamichi no Apollon - 06

This episode just came in sad. I understand Kaoru's feelings and my long waited appearance of Okamoto Nobuhiko's character, Matsuoka Seiji, just stirred things up. Sakamichi no Apollon really doesn't disappoint.

The biggest impact that this episode had given me is the appearance of Matsuoka Seiji (Okamoto Nobuhiko).He may look really funny but he sure knows how to tame Sentarou. Well, it didn't really took so much for him to get on Sentarou's good side since they met through Yurika. Also, like what Kaoru said, Seiji sure knows how to sweet talk everyone. Despite how funny I think he looks, I have a feeling that he'll be a really interesting character.

Now Sentarou and Kaoru's relationship are on another struggle. I wonder how will they resolve it this time. I'm pretty positive that by next episode, everything will be fine. Sentarou is a really nice guy any way. I believe that the only problem in their relationship is that Kaoru just never tells Sentarou anything. It's sad that Kaoru just keeps everything to himself. Aside from the fact that Ritsuko likes Sentarou, it would have been good if Kaoru would share his thoughts to Sentarou about how he feels about Seiji and all. Running away will just worsen their relationship.

Hearing Kaoru play My Favorite Things in the piano was really refreshing. I really like the movie The Sound of Music and that song was just really great. BUT honestly speaking, I didn't like the sound when Sentarou joined Kaoru's piano. Oh well. BUT the song in the soundtrack sure is pretty good :3 I like listening to it.

In an overall look on this episode, it had been pretty interesting. Despite the romance being stepped aside for awhile, I really like how things have gotten another interesting step: Kaoru telling Yurika that Jun-nii has been missing. After Kaoru's jealousy over Sentarou's decision to join Seiji's band, he has decided to go back to being alone. AND finally, looks like the long-haired guy drinking by the bar is Jun-nii. I wonder where he has been all this time.

I sure can't wait for the next episode :3

For more screenshots, click here.
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