Looks like ZETMAN has finally settled down and the pacing has gotten a lot better in this episode. The action is the same, as usual - it makes me feel that the episode always go by so fast.

From where last episode left off, we finally get to see Kouga in his ALPHAS cosplay :3 Not that I've been waiting for it but I sure am glad to see where his character is heading. After that trick test Jirou gave Kouga last episode, Hayami just gave him almost the same test AND it just surprised Kouga while it made Jirou smile. BUT no, Kouga will not think twice, Konoha was wounded and even though Jin is hurt as well, he sent Konoha to get some medication with Tomomi.

So how did the situation turned into what Kouga was expecting? As what was clearly emphasized last episode, Jin left his activation gum and never thought about going back and getting it. He most likely decided to see his ability when he noticed that he left it. AND no, he's not transforming even though he's full of anger and all. I know during the first episodes, Jin can transform when he's fighting a Player through his willingness to fight them, his instincts or his emotions BUT this time, it's not working. SO when Jin was worn out and was too disappointed that he couldn't save Konoha, Kouga finally came to the scene blasting all the Players out of the way coming to Jin's rescue.

With all the fight that Kouga has shown us (all he did was blast the Players with his gun anyway), I'm pretty sure that the real highlight of the episode is not Kouga's appearance as ALPHAS or his ability. Though I have to admit that gramps Amagi was surprised of ALPHAS's appearance and I wasn't surprised that he knows ALPHAS since it is Kouga's childhood hero anyway. I believe that the real highlight of this episode is the interesting reappearance of Haitani whose motives are unclear to me. I know he said last episode that he'll have the EVOLs rule the human world (or something like it) AND his orders to the Players to eliminate Jin does go with what he's trying to achieve. What puzzles me is his act of helping Jin transform into the full ZET he should be. I'm thinking that Haitani actually wants Jin to gain his full power as ZET and probably, in some way, this will contribute to what he's planning. Chances are I could be wrong since I'm not good at observing and analyzing so correct me if I'm wrong. Enlighten me with the right answers!! xD

As for the romance part of ZETMAN, it looks like they won't be giving too much focus on this but it sure is good to see Jin doing his best to hurry and fight the Player for Konoha's sake. The moment he arrives at the building where Konoha and Tomomi is, he instantly went over to see Konoha's condition and instantly carry her :3 As for Hanako who was surprisingly developed feelings for Jin over an episode, she finds herself admitting her feelings for Jin to herself. Well, Hanako only had a few screen time and she sure was in a pinch. I wonder when will they be able to save her OR when will they even realize that Hanako's being attack as well.

Anyway, the preview sure is interesting. ALPHAS and ZET will be helping and I would like to see how much the two of them have grown. I would also like to see their abilities. Other than that, I would like to know how Kouga accepted Jin as ZET or does he even know that?

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Episode 7 Preview
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