ZETMAN sure has gotten a lot better in this episode. I liked how things have gotten a better pacing and how the first minutes of this episode was pretty light and gradually gets serious. There're a lot of things going on but you don't really get lost on all of them.

The number one thing that got stuck in my head after watching this is Kouga's complains on the initial design of his ALPHAS cosplay. The design doesn't have a cape! :)) I've never laughed that hard in watching ZETMAN. Also, that scene when Jin took off thecamera in his bathroom and Hanako freaked out was pretty funny. After some quite light scenes in ZETMAN, I'm starting to like it more because I really thought that this'll be some really serious anime.

Hayami is laughing :3 Kouga sure becomes childish at times

Going over to how the story turn out, looks like Haitani stopped the Sweeper from turning Jin into some kind of blue light. BUT despite what he did for Jin, looks like Haitani really will be the main antagonist of this show as given with how he commanded the two Players to kill Jin. Also, he did mention about the EVOLs taking over or ruling the humans. That isn't really something new BUT it is a declaration of war. AND I'm seeing a team-up of ZET and ALPHAS.

As for Kouga, now really is his go time for that cosplay of his and next episode, we'll see his abilities. I'm pretty sure Kouga and Jin will see each other since they'll both be saving Konoha and that girl Konoha's with. Anyway, what's interesting about Kouga's part of the story is that old man's offering of being friends with him and letting him take tests which requires him to really act as a real hero of justice without letting his emotions get to him. The first test seems pretty stupid but after that old man said he won't hurt Konoha, it made complete sense. Now I'm pretty interested in the next test.

In my point of view, ZETMAN has gotten a lot better though I'm not expecting this and I'm thinking that this could be the best ZETMAN can get. This won't be an outstanding series but I'm definitely up to finishing this because it interests me. As for the romance part of the story which is just starting, I'm looking forward to the further development of Jin and Konoha's relationship which is clearly being forbidden because Jin's situation being a half human and half ZET.

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Episode 6 Preview

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