Sankarea - 07

Just because this is Saouji Ranko's (Yahagi Sayuri) episode, it doesn't mean that I disliked this episode. Frankly speaking, I enjoyed it. Wanko's story and how her feelings for Furuya developed is very well shown in this episode.

I know that there are a lot of people out there who really likes characters like Wanko so don't go bashing me for disliking her. HAHA. Funny that I checked out Yahagi-san's, Wanko's voice actor, other characters and saw another character that I disliked. I noticed how their voice seems the same but never really cared about it. AND that character is actually Miyoshi Kaya from Bakuman. Oh well.

I really like how this episode is done. It did a great job in showing how Wanko's feelings for Furuya developed. How they first met, knew that they were cousins, what she dislikes about Furuya when they were kids and how she saw Furuya after he savedher from that stray dog when they were kids. - HA! I Just summarize the entire thing that quickly. LOL :)) ANYWAY, this episode has also shown that Furuya had been a shut-in (LOL) child ever since. He would watch zombie movies during his free time and watch even the American ones :3

I was really glad that this didn’t became an all serious episode showing only Wanko and Furuya's past. It was great to see Furuya's friends again, Mogi (Hayashi Saori) and Yasuda (Iwase Shuuhei). The only thing missing from this episode is Rea x_x oh well. Throughout the episode, there was something going through my mind, Wanko sure hasn't entirely given up on her feelings for Furuya. If she doesn’t give up, guess I have to remind her that they are first cousins! x_x Funny why Wanko's mother kept on going with the Wanko x Furuya joke. Oh well.

Overall, I was glad that despite being a Wanko episode, it was still pretty good. AND I'm still waiting for Rea's father's reappearance. The preview looks really really interesting :3

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Episode 8 Preview


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