Sankarea - 05

Guess Rea can't be the moe-fully-conscious zombie we want her to be :3

As what the preview last episode showed, Rea did go berserk and made an awesome scene with Wanko. ANYWAY, before getting there, as always Sankarea is taking its sweet time with everything that’s happening in the process of Rea's resurrection. This time, Furuya's thinking of a way of how to preserve Rea's body. Since he can't put ice all over Rea's body just like what he did to Baabu back then, he left Rea in his room and opened the AC in 20deg. Now that's how you waste electricity :3 What's really interesting in this episode is Furuya's grandfather. I mean, he just said that he was the one who did the potion for resurrection O.O Now that's really something. Looks like he's got something under his sleeves after all other than repeating everything he's saying.

Now Ranko just entered Furuya's room despite the sign he placed. I actually thought that Rea would jump out off the closet and start some fan service with Wanko but it turned out a little different and no, I wasn't disappointed. I feel weird how Rea managed to move from the closet to the top of the cabinet but that explains the slightly opened closet but this episode didn't explained how Rea managed to move. Was it her empty stomach and her urge to eat something? Could be. When Furuya finally came to Wanko's rescue, Rea just walked towards Furuya and… kissedhim?? OR is she trying to suck his guts out of him? x_x AND on the side note, the music was pretty good. HAHA.

Whatever's happening, I'm pretty curious to see the next episode already. AND looks like I wasn't mistaken with the Hydrangea as the cure. That preview just showed Rea and Baabu eating leaves of the Hydrangea. AND that makes perfect sense if you look at the OP :3

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Episode 6 Preview

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