Hyouka - 03

SO what route did Hyouka took after that supposedly confession last episode 2?

It was obvious that Chitanda will be asking Oreki to help her with some curiosity she had from where episode 2 left off. I'm glad that I wasn't mistaken and I'm also glad that Hyouka did a very good job in it. My impression of Chitanda's problem? Not really that interesting but I'm pretty positive that the Classic Literature Club will be solving this mystery if not until the second half, until the series ends. I guess what they'll be doing is search for the missing volume 1 of the anthologies. At least for now…

As of this episode, I'm getting the hang of those school-style mysteries and I've taken a liking on Oreki's minimalistic attitude. It makes him efficient and funny. It was really funny when he sure was ready to leave and forget the anthologies when Tohgaito,Masashi (Okiayu Ryotaro) won't let them in the room BUT when Chitanda suddenly said that if he won't let them in, they'll have to search the entire school, funny how Orekisuddenly joined Chitanda in begging to let them in :3 Anyway, my impression on the mystery they had this time is pretty good. It was simple, as usual. I like how Oreki threatens Masashi with that stoic face of his. His mind sure thinks fast when he wants to get things done.

funny how he just started looking like a pissed off Nanamine-kun from Bakuman :))

SO what happened to Hyouka after this episode? I have to admit that the school-style mystery had gotten a bit more interesting. The dialogues have gotten a little less interesting which I'm a little sad about but Oreki's funny minimalistic character makes up for that. AND we didn't see Satoshi until the last part of the episode BUT he' freakishly funny costume is good enough to make up for that. Really makes me wonder why he joined the sewing club. HAHA. Anyway, with that big mystery to be solved already out, I'm pretty sure that each episode we'll be given clues about it and I'm thinking that the smalltraditional looking Japanese house they saw at episode one has some connection to this? (OR am I starting to over think things already? HAHA).

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