How am I going to summarize this episode? For one, it didn't had any action so I was half bored and second, nothing interesting enough came. Oh well. Boring episodes happen x_x

After that amazing team up ALPHAS and ZET did last episode, it looks like Kouga is more than willing to seriously team up with Jin and fight all those Players. True that Kouga migt not be strong enough yet but I'm pretty sure that when his sense of justice finally falls to the right place and set his emotions to the side, he'll be one good hero. Not that I'm looking forward to it. I mean, have you seen how he has taken all of the credit for the 2nd time (is it?)? I must say that Jin sure is a nice guy.

The romance in ZETMAN has started evolving. I thought that it will be set aside as a side genre but on the looks of things, it is getting its attention. It's true that Jin hasn’t realize his feelings for Konoha (and I'm not even that sure if he does have feelings for her) BUT he sure doesn't care if everyone around them calls Hanako his girlfriend. Hanako blushes and stuff but Jin was like… Pshhh… I don’t' care. LOL. Other than what's happening between Jin and Hanako, Konoha just overheard them talking and it made her jealous. Living in the same roof and stuff sure is intriguing and Konoha who seems to have strong romantic feelings for Jin definitely won't have second thoughts on jealousy. Add to that the idea that Jin decided not to tell Konoha how they saved her.

Anyway, I believe that the highlight of this episode s Jin's awareness that Kanzaki Gorou (Senda Mitsuo) is actually alive. Well. Not really alive BUT he's mentally alive and gramps Amagi is using him as a database of knowledge about Jin. How evil. I guess the moment Jin decided to take off the wires that keeps his grandfather alive is suppose to be moving BUT I wasn't even moved even one bit. AND so the last part of this episode actually tells that the pendant that Jin's grandfather left finally had that importance. It's definitely not for sentimentality purposes rather it's for bringing Jin to his complete ZET form. AND as usual, the cliffhanger has shown that there is someone else who's going to take it...

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Episode 9 Preview

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