Weekly Drawing - Sanka Rea

Finally I was able to finish it. I was experimenting with my coloring and it turned out pretty bad x_x Though on the good side of things, I really like how her hair turned out as well as the color in her eyes :3

I've been wanting to make a weekly post and I've decided to make a weekly drawing or fan art. It helps me practice as well. HAHA. Yeah,  I accept request as long as I know and I watch the series(: I'll see first if I can draw the character :D

I decided to draw Rea because as obvious as it seems, I've liked the anime itself and I find Rea really beautiful. She's got to be one of my favorite female characters this season and probably you guys' new waifu for this anime season. HAHA. I had fun drawing Rea though the tough part comes in inking and coloring. I'm pretty sure it's obvious that my lines are pretty stiff 'cause whenever I get the thought that I can't make a mistake the more I make them. Too bad. I actually think that I did better in my Mayushii drawing last time.

Now for my drawing geekiness, read here if you want to know the colors and stuffs I used:
As for my thoughts on this drawing, like I've said earlier, I like how her hair turned out. I used a mixture of Cool Silver Grey and Black from my 36 Fabre Castell Classic Color Pencils. If I use Black alone, I wouldn't be able to add the shadow that's why Grey was necessary. Anyway I also like her eyes, the color not how I drew them because if you look closely they don't look identical, I was actually laughing when I noticed it. My reference for this drawing is episode 2 that's why her eyes is still blue. I used the combination of Light Cobalt Blue and Deep Cobalt Blue. As always, I love coloring the eyes, it takes so much challenge in mixing colors and they always come out beautiful :3 AND finally, similar to last time, due to my lack of colors, I used Light Blue for her hat (similar to Mayushii's) and I used Wine Red for her sweatshirt. Yeah, I don't like the sweatshirt most especially my really bad shading :| The skin had much color compared to Mayushii's because that's where my experimentation came in. I actually put it more color this time. It's pretty noticeable (or maybe you didn't. haha) that her (not yours) right hand is darker compared to the left. It's simply because I colored her right first then noticed how bad it looks and tried to erased it but I miserably failed. I'll just do better next time.

My next project is going to be Chitanda Eru from Hyouka :D

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