Kimi to Boku. 2 - 05

For some reasons, this episode just didn't became that interesting at all. The story featured this time was pretty boring. Good thing the 3 funniest guys in the shows stayed. HA! And I actually expected Kaname to pick Yuta to go with him.

The first part of the episode was pretty funny. When Yuki and Yuta both received that New Year'scard from Shun, I wasn't really surprise at all. I laughed when the two of them were talking about Shun being so rare since he's a guy and still gives New Year's card. Guess I'll never get tired with Shun-jokes. Also, it was funny how the two of them actually knows how their friends go, when Kaname sent an email knowing that he did because of Shun's card and when Chizuru personally droppedover their house.

I'm a rascal for trying to buy love with money

It wasn't really surprising for the five of them to go to the shrine together on New Year. The best thing about their shrine visit has got to be Chizuru's wish: become closer to Mary (Masaki-chan). He even went through getting a 100 yen just to offer to the shrine for his wish. Guess he's that desperate already :)) AH, and Yuta's wish made me really laugh. AND Shun… meh. Expected. BUT Yuki's comment: Shun, the world you live in is always a peaceful one. It's a field of flowers. - gotta agree on that one. ^_^

SO the main story for this episode was because Chizuru again. I mean how can you mistake a bike key for a coin? Anyway, Akihiro sure was just unlucky on New Year. He made agroup of useless boys carry his bike because the key is gone and the padlock is freaking stuck. Anyway, Akihiro's a 3rd year student and is preparing for college entrance exams. I pretty much know the feeling and pressure of taking college entrance exams AND he sure has some heavy pressure there with his girlfriend getting a recommendation and he wants to be one the same university as her. Funny thing is Chizuru decided to "warm" up his heart by buying him a greeting card. They wrote their messages to him (with Shun-chan'sbeing the funniest! xD), made him wrote his address and kept it for mailing. HAHA. Akihiro got pissed off and accidentally fell on his bike and saw his girlfriend. Things are just getting worse, eh? She gave him a good luck charm for his exams and he just took it and leave. Didn't even said a thank you and even gave negative connotations on failing the exam - but again, I know how he feels. Anyway, I guess I couldn't blame Chizuru for getting upset over something like that. After he said that she's his girlfriend, it's as if they're not getting along well. Skipping all the charade, I really like how Akihiro took the effort of writing on the greeting card and trying his best to get it mailed. AND what did Chizuru and the rest know? Akihiro actually thanks his girlfriend for the charm through mail. Guess he was just really in a bad mood during that time.

Honestly speaking, I got bored in this episode. We’re presented with the story of another character totally unrelated to the characters but practically made a huge impact to Shun. The thing that struck him the most? The idea that soon enough, they’ll be 3rd years and off they go from high school. It’s not long enough until they reach college. Shun-chan’s sad about the idea but the best thing to do for now is to enjoy the moment. 

ANYWAY, the preview says that we'll have the cafeteria girl back. Meh. I don't feel excited x_x

Episode 6 Preview

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